James Marsden, The Classic Prince Charming in 'Enchanted'

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Displaying astonishing versatility with a wide range of films, James Marsden has quickly carved out a distinctive place in Hollywood with such movies as “Hairspray,” “Superman Returns” and the “X-Men” series. Now, Marsden plays Prince Edward, a one-dimensional prince charming who’s suddenly propelled to the real world in Walt Disney Pictures’ fantasy comedy “Enchanted.”

Featuring an all-star cast, “Enchanted” follows the beautiful princess Giselle (Amy Adams) as she is banished by an evil queen (Susan Sarandon) from her magical, musical animated land and finds herself in the gritty reality of the streets of modern-day Manhattan. Shocked by this strange new environment that doesn’t operate on a “happily ever after” basis, Giselle is now adrift in a chaotic world badly in need of enchantment. But when Giselle begins to fall in love with a charmingly flawed divorce lawyer (Dempsey) who has come to her aid -- even though she is already promised to a perfect fairy tale prince (James Marsden) back home – she has to wonder: can a storybook view of romance survive in the real world?

Prince Edward sings, and swaggers, and goes on quests in search of love—in short, he’s the classic prince. For the role, filmmakers tapped Marsden who’s known more for his work in the global “X-Men” franchise than for anything resembling animated princely behavior.

And that is precisely what appealed to Marsden: “I thought it was a great opportunity to do a film that my kids could see. I have a six-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl and I don’t get out to the movies very often these days. So the movies I do see are these types of films...so I thought it would be fun to make a family movie, and one particularly for my kids.”

For Marsden’s character, it’s a real search-and-rescue kind of endeavor. “The juxtaposition of these perfect, iconic Disney characters—Giselle from Andalasia landing in the middle of New York’s Times Square, and my character, Prince Edward, not far behind—with a more cynical, present-day New York provides great opportunities for a lot of humor. One of the hardest parts about playing this character is that you know that you’re playing this flawless drawing of a Disney prince, and you have to represent that when you come into the real world. So all of a sudden, you have this giant magnifying glass over you, and it’s all got to be perfect.”

Marsden sees “Enchanted” as “...a real homage to the old Disney classic fairytale films, and then brings those characters into the real world. These characters feel like aliens running through Manhattan. I think it’s really funny—this prince is a great character, a peacock who’s full of himself…in a good, naïve, sort of healthy and innocent way.”

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Enchanted” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture International through Columbia Pictures.

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