Two Worlds Collide in 'Xenoa'


Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi | PG | 1 hr 45 min
Xion Films
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Xenoa, a new independent digital film, is bound to make inroads in the local cinema circuit this August.

Two worlds collide in the most incredible, startling fashion in Xenoa – a sci-fi offering from 23-year-old film director Sean Lim Lim.

Paolo Ballesteros as Zeus

The film gives us a glimpse of the power struggle for the planet Xenoa. When the ruler of the triple-star system, Queen La’ian (Clem Poblete) gives birth to the heirs of the Xenoan throne, she decides to protect them from the scheming General Norak (Ronnie Martinez) by sending the triplets – Eli, Zeus and Drix (played by Isabel Granada, Paolo Ballesteros and Rafael Nanquil respectively) – to faraway Earth.

Isabel Granada and Geryk Genasky

It is only two decades later that the lives of the three estranged siblings intersect once again in the most unexpected way. Everything they know and love is suddenly threatened when General Norak, the plotting leader of the rival world Zephyr, zeroes in on them from light-years away.

General Norak wants unconditional, uncontested power over Xenoa, but that is something he can’t truly have while the true heirs to the throne threaten his hostile reign. So hell-bent is Norak on ruling Xenoa for good that he doesn’t think twice about employing the most insidious method of all: Turning sibling against sibling.

Rafael Nanquil and Lesley Leveriza

Two worlds. One Empire. And a royal destiny that will change the world as they know it.

Packed with incredible fight scenes and cutting-edge special effects, Xenoa is one action-filled visual-feast that promises to bust boundaries in the field of independent filmmaking in the Philippines.

The cast of Xenoa includes Isabel Granada, Paolo Ballesteros, Rafael Nanquil, Hiyasmin Neri, Clem Poblete, Lesley Leveriza, PJ Lanot, Alan Marasigan and Ronnie Martinez.

Xenoa’s world premiere happens on August 14, 2007 at 7 p.m. at SM Megamall Cinema 1, Ortigas Center. Regular showing dates are from August 22 up to 28, 2007 at all SM Cinemas nationwide.

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Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
PG | 1 hr 45 min
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