Marcia Gay Harden In Search of Missing Son in 'The Invicible'

The Invisible

Drama, Fantasy, Thriller | PG | 1 hr 37 m
Columbia Pictures
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One of film's uniquely original talents, Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden (Pollock, Mystic River) stars in Touchstone Pictures' new supernatural thriller “The Invisible,” as Diane, the mother of a teenage boy who finds himself trapped between two worlds – invisible to the living and all too close to the dead.

Working with Gay Harden was especially exciting for “The Invisible” writer-director David Goyer. "She's the most talented actor I've worked with," he states. "She can turn from one emotion to the next like a switch going on and off. In any other hands, Diane might have come across as the clichéd mother who doesn't understand her son, Nick (Justin Chatwin) but the whole point of the film is that all these characters are invisible to each other, and he sees that when her mask is down, that she really does love him – and Marcia makes that so real."

New actor Justin Chatwin was also pleased to have the chance to work so closely with one of today's most acclaimed screen actresses. "One of the things that Nick comes to see in his invisibility is that his mother is not the heartless person he thinks she is – she has real feelings," he observes. "I loved working with Marcia because she’s so experienced and I’m always interested in how other actors get to that place and their approach. Marcia is such a fine-tuned actress – she can be subtle and funny and moving at the same time."

Marcia Gay Harden was equally impressed with Chatwin. "He has a kind of classic film face that you can project a lot onto and I think you identify with him," she says. "He is a young actor who is willing to try anything. He just wanted to dive into the character. And in the process, you can get a lot of really wonderful and unusual choices." She was also drawn to the screenplay. "It's a psychological drama to a degree and it's certainly also a ticking clock story, where a crime has to be solved before time runs out, which makes for a really exciting movie," she says. "But what also interested me is that there is a real undercurrent in terms of what the characters come to understand about themselves – what this mother comes to understand and what this boy and girl each come to understand about who they are, and about what they have been missing in their lives"

Most of all Harden was especially pleased with the ways in which David Goyer translated both the thrills and depth of the story to the screen. "David and his visual team brought a beautiful starkness to the movie," she says. "The shots they chose turned out to be so much more interesting than the ones I imagined in my head."

Opening soon across the Philippines, “The Invisible” is distributed by Buena Vista International through Columbia Pictures.

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