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TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles is an aswang horror movie by Erik Matti, that honors the genre’s traditions without taking itself too seriously. It combines honest to goodness scares and positively horrifying monsters with irreverent Pinoy wit and humor. The centerpiece is a bloody, spectacular showdown between Man and Aswang, wit and brute force, transcendence and primal instinct.

In TIKTIK, an odd mix of people suddenly find themselves target of a vicious, deadly attack by a whole legion of pissed-off aswangs. As if their own strained relationships were not stressful enough, they now have to fight for their lives with all the heart, guts, and garlic that they could muster.

TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles is the first feature-length Filipino movie to be fully shot on green screen. Only the houses and vehicles were real. All backgrounds, including the trees, mountains and creatures were laboriously, painstakingly, and lovingly realized using the latest, most computer technology.

The movie assembles a dream cast of versatile actors headed by Dingdong Dantes who has never been more badass, or funnier, or sexier, than in his role here as a lovestruck antihero turned reluctant aswang killer. It also marks the return of Joey Marquez to tiptop comedic form and features stellar character turns from Janice de Belen, Lovi Poe, and Ramon Bautista, every one of them tearing through their roles with ferocity until each stereotype is turned on its (nearly chewed off) head.

Coming in theaters soon, TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles is director Erik Matti’s newest film, produced by Reality Entertainment (owned by Dondon Monteverde, Erik Matti and A/F Benaza), Agosto Dos (owned by Dingdong Dantes) and GMA Films.

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Action, Horror
PG | 1 hr 42 min
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