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Enteng ng Ina Mo

Comedy, Fantasy | G | 1 hr 50 min
Star Cinema / APT Entertainment / M-Zet Films
People groaned almost immediately when they saw the title Enteng ng Ina Mo, but that by itself shouldn’t have been enough to write the movie off. Though both franchises have their problems, the combination of the two could have been interesting. Both franchises thrive on small domestic moments, and their coming together might have created an environment for those moments to really shine. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Enteng ng Ina Mo is just another lazy comedy from people who really ought to know better.

Evil witch Satana (Bing Loyzaga) has captured fairy queen Ina Magenta (Amy Perez). This leaves her daughter Faye (Gwen Zamora) as the heir to the fairy throne. Faye’s mortal husband Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) gets angry over Faye having to stay in the fairy realm. While getting drunk one night, Enteng becomes victim of one Satana’s schemes. He’s made to fall in love with the first woman he sees. That woman turns out to be former president Ina Montecillo (Ai Ai de las Alas), who has been feeling lonely as of late. The two begin a romance that threatens to pull their families apart.

Here is a strong indicator for a bad local comedy: scenes where the characters recite lines verbatim from other recent movies. There are no real jokes in these scenes, no effort put into creating any sort of comedic situation. It’s just supposed to be funny to have different people saying the same lines out of context. Here the movies quoted are No Other Woman and Miss You Like Crazy, forever cementing this movie’s status as disposable pop culture ephemera. I’m not sure people even remember Miss You Like Crazy anymore, but the movie faithfully recreates its meet-cute scene presumably because it’s easier than writing original material.

Here is an indicator of a bad movie in general: there are scenes that exist solely to provide a platform for product placement. It’s easy to justify the need for product placement in movies, but it’s much harder to swallow when an entire scene is dedicated to nothing but the product placement. The culprit in this instance is a scene where Tudis serves her son a squeezable cheese product that shall remain unnamed in this review. There is no information shared in this scene other than the existence of the squeezable cheese product. Nothing that is said between Tudis and her son enriches the story or their characters. The scene exists to sell squeezable cheese product.

It all points to a general lack of effort in forming the movie. Once the stars were in place, little thought seemed to have gone into crafting anything that made sense. Much of the film is given over to the romance between Ina and Enteng, which doesn’t have any sort of narrative value. No one expects the two to actually end up together, so it all just feels like a lot of time wasted. By the end, it all devolves into the standard fantasy fare that the Enteng movies churn out yearly, with subpar special effects and shaky direction. Performances are as they’ve always been from these performers: loud and broad and lacking in any sort of subtlety. Vic Sotto is told yet again by a multitude of characters how handsome he is. Ai Ai de las Alas tried to hit dramatic undertones, but it’s undone by the film’s general lack of gravity.

Enteng ng Ina Mo might be the worst entry of either franchise. It feels like far less effort went into this movie than any of the others. The filmmakers were content to just have the two big stars together on screen, giving them dialogue from other movies and pushing towards some ridiculous adventure climax. It’s a little late to start being disappointed in either franchise, but there’s still an extra level of despair one can feel, apparently.

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Comedy, Fantasy
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