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Catch Me... I'm In Love

Comedy, Romance | G | 1 hr 50 min
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Catch Me...I'm in Love runs out of steam about halfway through. At that point, the two main characters default into the standard cutesy movie romance and have little else to do. It is at this point that the film contrives a silly and eminently solvable roadblock to their future happiness. The film's decision to go this way makes it quite a challenge to feel anything for the characters. In the end, their main complaint comes down to "It's hard to date the rich, handsome and kind son of the president." I'm not even sure you can call that a problem.

Roan (Sarah Geronimo) works for Helping Hands, an advocacy for the rural poor. Erick is the son of the president of the Philippines, and he's unhappy with having to return to the country. In order to teach Eric a lesson, the president sends him on a trip to immerse himself in the life of a rural community, with Roan as his supervisor. The two initially don't get along, but they fall in love soon enough. But it turns out that dating the president's son comes with its own set of pressures, and Roan isn't quite equipped to handle them.

The two main characters get together about halfway through the film. The relationship is problematic for the film for several reasons. It feels unearned, the film choosing to zip past most of the development. And once the relationship is actually there, it comes off as really tepid. It is once again a case of empty gestures taking the place of actual romance, flowers at the office deemed more important than chemistry and depth of feeling. The film just doesn't do much to make it feel like their tweetums pairing is worth fighting for.

Not that they have to fight much anyway. The last half of the film is given over to Roan's growing insecurity over her place at Eric's side. The film expects us to believe, first of all, that Sarah Geronimo might ever be considered ugly. Then it reverses everything we know about her character, making her shrink when faced with a problem. The film already handicapped this thread with its poor buildup, but that it betrays its characters pushes it to the realm of nonsense. The film’s end conflict is so poorly conceived that the film doesn’t really do anything to solve it. One day, it’s a problem. The next day, it’s not. The goofy editing further complicates matters, the film sometimes feeling like it's just fading in and out.

We've already seen what Sarah Geronimo can bring to a role like this. This performance feels far inferior to her previous stabs at this role. It feels broader, and packing that quiet sense of humble dignity. On the other hand, this might be one of Gerald Anderson's better turns as leading man. His attempts at depth still lack something vital, but he looks far more comfortable in front of the camera. Christopher de Leon's value as an actor keeps dropping as he continues to overact even the smallest of roles.

Catch Me...I'm in Love needed us to be rooting for the two main characters, but it just made it really difficult to do so. They start out being pretty awful to each other, before becoming cloying and clingy. Then at the first sign of trouble, they immediately reevaluate everything, before magically resolving everything in another standard romcom chase. We don't need to get a new story every time, but it might have been nice to get a story that felt like people were at least trying. This film is all about giving up.

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Comedy, Romance
G | 1 hr 50 min
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