How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You: Fruits in Bloom Mother's Day arrangements now available

posted on Mon, 5 May 2014 12:00 AM

Looking for a tastier alternative to flower bouquets? Make your mother's heart and tummy smile this Mother's Day with edible fruit arrangements from Fruits in Bloom.

Take your pick from four deliciously gorgeous fruit arrangements:

Mommy (P1,500)
Surprise your mom with this edible arrangement comprised of orange rounds, luscious and plum strawberries, dipped strawberries, enrobed chocolate bananas, red grapes, green apple wedges and orange wedges.

Mamu (P2,000)
Delight your mom with a fruit bouquet made up of sweet pineapple flowers, crunchy red grapes, green apple wedges, luscious and plump strawberry, enrobed bananas in chocolate with an edible bloom greeting.

Mama (P2,500)
Treat your mom to a bouquet of sweet pineapple flowers, red grapes and plump strawberries with orange wedges and apple wedges covered in rich white chocolate to make her feel extra special.

Mom (3,500)
Want to make the occasion more extravagant? Get her this fun fruit arrangement made up of orange wedges, green apple wedges dipped in white chocolate, luscious strawberries, crunchy red grapes, and chocolate-covered bananas.

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