Fur Magic Dog Shampoo 600 ml


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Why Fur Magic?

It is infused with Fast Acting Stemcell Teachnology (F. A. S. T.) which makes
it one of the most effective shampoo that works magically and instantly. 

Magical Ingredients:

·       Madre de Cacao Oil Extractis known to be a natural flea and
tick remover because of it’s tannins and insecticide components. It
can be used to treat demodectic
mange, sarcoptic mange, fungal infection, and other skin conditions. Best
herbal treatment for both cats and dogs.


Neem Oil Extract – repel and kill common biting insects, including mosquitoes,
biting midges, mites, ticks and fleas


Aloe Vera extractit nourishes the skin and fur (even sensitive skinned dogs)
giving them extra strength, volume, smoothness and shine.


Fur Magic is perfect to help
treat/heal :




Fungal Infection

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…while making your furbaby’s skin and 
fur healthy, shiny, smooth, smells fresh and magically fabulous!

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