Sanicare Natural Bamboo Wipes: The Game Changer in Hygiene Care

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Making an effort to save the environment isn’t always about the grand gestures. It’s also about being sincerely up for the challenge of sticking to all natural products. We can start with bringing our own bags to grocery stores and reusing the ones we already have at home. We can also be using reusable straws or not use straws at all. With simple ways and genuine concern, we can help the environment little by little. 

It also helps that there are brands like Sanicare that promote taking care of the environment alongside proper hygiene. They are setting as an example that we don’t need to compromise quality and comfort in order to protect the environment.   

Just last month, Sanicare introduced the Sanicare Natural Bamboo Wipes which is an innovation that is set to change the game when it comes to hygiene care.  Why? Because it is made of 100% natural and renewable bamboo fiber materials, which is a first in the country.  Yes, it is biodegradable so we can be assured that it will decompose faster than the usual wipes in the market.

But helping the environment is not the only reason why you should try this new product. The Sanicare Natural Bamboo Wipes have bigger cloth size so you get more coverage. You’ll also love its rainforest mist that gives out a calming and refreshing feeling. And best of all, every sheet is dermatologically-tested and made to be gentle so it takes care of your skin.  It comes in 60s sheets so you can have it at home and 25s sheets to bring wherever you go. So, we can always smell good and feel fresh without feeling guilty of creating waste in the environment. 

Sanicare has been pushing to create products that are both environment and user-friendly.  And the Sanicare Natural Bamboo Wipes is a testament of this commitment.  

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