Alliance Select Foods Launches Bay of Gold – a new luxury line of premium tuna in the Philippines

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Nothing enhances our quality of life better than being in optimal health, and good nourishment is key to a successful pursuit of wellness. Premium tuna, which is the best high-protein and low-fat choice that comes with plenty of Omega 3 healthy fatty acids, is consistently touted by fitness experts as a delicious and healthy food source for muscle building and recovery. On the other hand, food enthusiasts and home cooks are also on the lookout for premium tuna cuts to include as a staple in nutritious comfort food recipes for their friends and family.  

However, in the Philippines, premium quality canned tuna is hard to come by, and Filipinos often have to resort to buying expensive, imported canned tuna products that can only be found in select specialty stores, just to partake of this beneficial diet and share with their loved ones. 

Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. (ASFII) breaks ground by introducing Bay of Gold Select Tuna in the Philippine market.  Bay of Gold Select Tuna is a collection of premium and full-flavored tuna creations, made with 100% tuna from the best parts of the fish, and drawn from a wealth of expertise in producing bestselling private label tuna selections for over 75 partners across the globe.

Alliance Select President Mr. Raymond K.H. See announced that Bay of Gold Select Tuna will be available in supermarkets and specialty stores at very affordable prices versus its imported counterparts. Alliance Select aims to provide affordable luxury by offering the best and richest cuts of tuna to the Filipino household, previously only available through imported channels.

Renowned Chef Portia Baluyut featured Bay of Gold Select Tuna variants in easy and elevated recipes that showcase the high quality and richness of the cuts of tuna in every Bay of Gold can. “Bay of Gold Select Tuna’s products are flavourful and unique; I am happy to have developed these recipes for them—food that discerning Filipino diners can enjoy in the convenience of their home.” The delicious recipes can be found on Bay of Gold’s website at, and social media sites, both on Facebook and Instagram. 

Bay of Gold Select Tuna is created from the best parts of the tuna, and its flavours are further enhanced by a wealth of choice ingredients. It comes in delectable varieties: Tuna Flakes in Shoyu, an Asian-inspired choice that heightens the umami flavours of Pacific tuna flakes; Tuna Big Flakes in Oil with Chili, a product prepared in olive oil and enough chili to provide a hint of heat; the Manuka Smoked Tuna Solid in Olive Oil, a variant featuring tuna smoked with 100% organic Manuka wood chips to further enhance the premium cuts with aromatics. Diners can also enjoy the most delicious portion of the fish—the tuna belly, or Ventresca, which Bay of Gold offers in two kinds: Manuka Smoked Ventresca, enhanced with 100% organic Manuka wood chips, offering a rich, velvety flavor; and Ventresca in olive oil, with a rich and creamy texture.

Alliance Select’s Head of Group Operations Ms. Lisa Y. Dejadina notes, “Bay of Gold Select Tuna is produced using responsible fishing methods; and we choose our tuna from the best places around the world.”

Dejadina further adds, “We’re also proud of the fact that Alliance Select is a homegrown multinational company, with areas of operations spanning the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States. In addition, we have 75 partners in over 33 countries. After having developed this expertise through the years, we thought, why not bring all these flavours from across the globe, right here to the Filipino household?”

Bay of Gold Select Tuna is available from PHP99.75 to PHP215.00 in Landers, Landmark, Real Food, and in more locations soon. 

About Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. 

Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. (ASFII) is a homegrown international seafood company. It is a public corporation registered in the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 1, 2003 as Alliance Tuna International, Inc. It started commercial operations in 2004 to engage in tuna processing, canning, and the export of canned tuna products in General Santos City, Mindanao, Philippines. In 2006, the company was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange through an initial public offering. It was renamed to Alliance Select Foods International, Inc. in 2010 to reflect the company’s direction to diversify its product line and take advantage of its manufacturing expertise and global marketing channels.

Starting in 2008, ASFII began expanding its tuna business, and established PT International Alliance Food Indonesia (PTIAFI), an Indonesia-based canned tuna manufacturing plant. The company further expanded to salmon and other seafood processing and sales by forming Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Company, Inc. (BGB) in General Santos City last 2009 and acquiring Spence & Company Ltd. (Spence) in the USA last 2011. The company also went into salmon farming and processing by investing in Akaroa Salmon (NZ) Ltd. (Akaroa) in New Zealand last 2012.

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