Mimiyuuuh Stars Alongside Bea Alonzo in Her First Avon Beauty Endorsement

“Dati tumitingin lang ako sa brochures, and now I am part of the Avon family!” exclaims viral sensation Mimiyuuuh, who has yet again proven that her star-power prevails. The New Generation’s Movie Queen, Bea Alonzo, says this is “One of my most favorite campaigns because of the message!”

After becoming a hit with her Dalagang Pilipina video, the local vlogger hit it big in hosting, endorsements, and various local businesses. Years after breaking onto the scene, she continues to demonstrate longevity beyond expectations. Now, your girl is set to top off another first in her long list of achievements, as she bags her first beauty endorsement with Avon’s Power Stay Lightweight Matte Lipstick. 

Avon -- Mimiyuuuh and Bea Alonzo

“First Beauty endorsement ko ito… tapos Avon pa!” quips Mimiyuuuh during a briefing with the Avon team. The original Dalagang Pilipina is the newest face in Avon Philippines’ premiere roster of ambassadors alongside Angel Locsin, Jennylyn Mercado, and even her real-life friend Bea Alonzo.

As an icon of Philippine entertainment, Bea has been in full bloom with the Avon family as the face of the Avon Floral Wonderland matte lipstick collection. She has also successfully launched her very own YouTube channel, which has 1.72 million subscribers and counting.

Bea has shown beyond doubt that she is more than a sweet personality that fans may have known her to be. With Mimiyuuuh’s witty sense of humor joining the campaign, both personalities exhibit a different side of them that fans and netizens will be reluctant to see especially with the Avon Power Stay Lightweight Matte lipstick. Despite crediting their rise from two different media, these two together have managed to bring a sense of amazement to, not just fans, but avid makeup users as well.


While the achievements of both Mimiyuuuh and Bea will always be attributed to their hardwork and appeal to the public, it is also a result of the never-ending advocacy of the women before them who fought for equal opportunities. Avon has consistently supported that advocacy for 135 years by supporting women’s causes, providing financial independence, and standing up for what matters to them.

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With the Avon Power Stay lipstick, each swipe tells a story of that long-running revolution. Boasting up to 10 hours of smudge-proof and lightweight boldness, every woman wearing it can be at the forefront and ready to take charge so they can continue what matters to them and for the next generations to come.

Over the years, both Bea and Mimiyuuuh have maintained their positions in the limelight not just because of their talent, but also because of their drive to become a better version of themselves, and their commitment to their craft that makes fans and the rest of us admire them continuously. And just like the Avon Power Stay Lightweight Matte Lipstick, there’s no doubt these two will be on our lips for a long time.

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