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5 Fool-Proof Make-Up Hacks So You Can Always Look Your Best

Beauty never stops. Online schooling, virtual meetings, or quick errands give us that glimmer of light (if not an excuse) to break out our kikay kits and still be ready to look our best at any given time of the day! 

That said, beauty shouldn’t be complicated. With lots of techniques, styles, and shades to choose from, figuring out the beat that works for you can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why you should love Avon’s Simply Pretty collection—multi-use and multi-benefit beauty essentials that can cover all the basics and allow you to take it pretty easy at home, at work, in class, or even outdoors.

So whether you’re starting out on your makeup journey with just a lipstick and eyeliner, or mastering the art of blending and contouring, here are fool-proof makeup tips you can do for good practice:

Use a BB cream on the go (and Blush too!)

Using BB cream does more than just cover up blemishes, it also moisturizes your skin, and more importantly, it gives your skin a break from heavy makeup! So if you have no time to go through the whole primer-concealer-foundation base route, this one can help you out. 

The Simply Pretty BB Matte Blush Duo is perfect for that, and also if you want to add some natural flush on your cheeks!


Tamed & On-Fleek

Sometimes, a twitch of an eyebrow is all you need to make a statement. That’s why having unruly (most especially sparsed!) eyebrows might make a mistranslation of what you want to say. Applying Simply Pretty Brow Gel Mascara not only tames rowdy brow hairs, it also tints them to fill in the obvious gaps for a fuller look. Keep them fly and on-fleek, girl!

Spoon is Key

Don’t you just hate it when you put on mascara and your already shaded eyelids get smudged after a few blinks? Well, an ingenious trick is to break out your favorite spoon and hold it over your eyelids while putting on Simply Pretty Full Lash Mascara as you normally would. This shields your eyelids from blotches, and can also serve as a stencil to draw that perfect winged liner!

Connect the dots for a more streamlined eye line

If you want a bolder look that makes you stand out, putting on eyeliner has always been the go-to look because it defines and refines your eyes – the Simply Pretty Eye Defining Pencil does just the trick! But more often than not, drawing a decent line on your lids will be a bit of a challenge – especially if you just can’t get the consistency of the width of the lines. Start out with a few dots (or dash lines, whichever works for you) with the same width of the line you want. 

Connect everything together in one go and you’re set!

Draw your Cupid’s Bow with an X

Want to get more attention on your lips? Drawing on them will make them look fuller with the Simply Pretty Lip Defining Pencil. A good starting point is to mark an “X” that follows the natural lining of your upper lip. From there, fill in the rest with a lippie of the same shade and voilà! 

Try out Simply Pretty Lipstick Duo for double the shade and double the formula – why choose between matte and satin when you can have both at either ends?

Get more exclusive beauty secrets from Avon Simply Pretty ambassador Janine Gutierrez, plus professional tips from celebrity makeup artist Anthea Bueno, when you tune in to the Avon Philippines Facebook page on April 30, 6PM as we bring together an incredible group of ladies who like to take it pretty easy!

Visit avonshop.ph and check out all the Avon Simply Pretty products that let you #TakeItPrettyEasy everyday! Like Avon Philippines on Facebook, and follow @avonph on Instagram for more information and updates.

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