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Avon’s #WatchMeNow Gallery Features Women’s Story of Achievement

“I was depressed, I was anxious, and I was balding.” 

It might not be something one would expect to hear from Bea Benedicto, a TV host and fitness blogger known for her bubbly nature. But in an Instagram post that was far from her usual antics, Bea shared that she struggled with vicious cycle of PCOS, alopecia, and anxiety during the quarantine.

Eventually, Bea found the courage to open up about her problem and seek help. She is now on her recovery journey, and continues to inspire people with her story.

Bea’s journey is a testament to the power of stories, and how sharing these stories can inspire others to overcome similar adversities. This effect is also the inspiration behind the #WatchMeNow gallery, an online portal made just for women’s stories. 

In a video featuring the Avon’s ambassadors, the longtime activist brand calls on all women to log on to watchmenow.avon.com and share personal stories of achievement. By creating the biggest gallery of stories about women, Avon seeks to show the world that women can also be strong, courageous, and powerful. 


Since its inception, the #WatchMeNow archive has produced hundreds of thousands of stories from all over the world, including ones from some truly inspiring Filipinas

Chezka Carandang

After spending a few years as a beauty queen and a flight attendant, Chezka has landed a role in a male-dominated industry. She talks about how she holds her head high—showing how ladies continue to break the norms by rising above the challenge day in and day out. Watch Chezka’s story here.

Gabbi Garcia

Tagged as the Gen Z It Girl, Gabbi is aware of her far-reaching influence on social media. As a proud morena, she recalls a time where she has used her platform to encourage Filipinas to be proud of their skin instead of conforming to typical beauty norms. Watch Gabbi’s Story Here.

Angel Jones

Society has created a blueprint to determine if we’ve reached success at certain points in our lives. But after becoming a mom at 17 and kickstarting her own career at her 40s, Angel is more determined than ever to show that she can create her own path to success—regardless of what others might say. Watch Angel’s Story here.

Penniel Versoza

After her mom’s successful career with Avon, Penniel had the honor of taking over the business. While she recognizes that she has somehow inherited her mom’s success, she’s determined to build her own path by juggling Avon with other pursuits, including her own accounting firm and travel agency. Watch Penniel’s story here.

The #WatchMeNow gallery is the latest in Avon’s long history of supporting causes for women. The focus on stories mirror Avon’s ongoing #WatchMeNow campaign, which celebrates the underdog experience of victory over adversary.  

“It doesn’t always have to be an epic victory all the time—big or small, each story helps us break the barriers that hold women back,” says Anna Garces, Marketing Director for Avon Philippines One person’s small story can inspire others to do things they didn’t think were possible.”

For every story shared, the Avon Foundation vows to donate $1 to charities that support women. Visit watchmenow.avon.com to contribute your story and make a real difference in the life of women.Don’t have an Avon Representative? Visit www.avon.ph or like and check out Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products!

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