Ride Revolution at Shangri-La Plaza takes its classes outdoors

Experience a fun and safe cycling class with Ride Outside!

It’s time to join a sweat-dripping, fat-burning ride as boutique indoor cycling studio Ride Revolution at Shangri-La Plaza brings their most loved classes safely out in the open air with Ride Outside.

This initiative allows members of the Ride Revolution in-studio and virtual communities to share the energy and work out along with other fitness enthusiasts in a safe, socially distanced outdoor setup.

Ride Outside

Ride Revolution - Ride Outside at Shangri-La Plaza

Ride Outside continues to put community health and well-being as its main priority with the Ride Revolution Gold Standards of Safety. Following directives set by the Philippine government, Ride Revolution updates its safety measures and guidelines to keep the riders, instructors, and staff safe at all times.

The studio implements a stringent cleaning process. It includes thorough disinfection of all high touch surface areas and fitness equipment used in class. All bikes, weights, and shoes in the venue go through thorough disinfection before and after every class. Ride Revolution allocates 45-60 minutes of cleaning using non-toxic disinfectant sprays after each ride.

Bikes have a spacing of at least two meters apart in compliance with social distancing measures. Social distancing reminders such as floor markings and signages will also be placed within the venue to guide cyclists.


Prior to a class, riders will register their attendance via a contactless check-in procedure. There will be a temperature check upon entry. Anyone with temperature 37.5 degrees Celsius and up cannot join a class. Moreover, riders must also fill out a health declaration form via QR code before admission. Late entries and re-entries will not be accommodated.

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Sanitizing wipes and alcohol will be available to disinfect the hands or further sanitize the equipment. There is also a strict policy on mask-wearing in all areas before, during, and after the ride will also be implemented. Riders must also place their belongings and used equipment inside a designated bin or basket beside their bike.  

Ready to ride?

Ride Outside will take place at the Shang’s Sky Garden located at Level 6. Interested cyclists will have to book a bike via www.riderevolution.ph. Additionally, booking one seat will also allow you to bring a friend for free.

With Ride Revolution’s innovative Ride Outside initiative, the #ShangCommunity will find safer ways to stay healthy and fit.

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