Men, This Is How To Be First-Date-Ready

Here are some things to remember before you knock that first date out of the park!

Let’s be real, men – no matter your age, passions, or careers – going on a first date will always be quite the nerve-wracker. The pressure to impress that girl you “kind of like” will always be there, as well as the nervousness to look, feel, and be your best, and of course, the worry that you might mess up or embarrass yourself.

It’s normal to feel all these things! However, there’s always a benefit to being prepared and ready, just like a Boy Scout. But this time, you’re a confident, well-groomed man armed with the best tips and tricks of the dating trade.

Don’t worry, it’s not that’s hard! Blunders or boo-boos don’t have to await you, because men, you do have what it takes to be first date-ready! And it’s actually really simple. Here are some things to remember before you knock that first date out of the park:

1 Well-groomed is the new stylish.

Save your “I-woke-up-like-this” for another occasion, because on your first date, the key is simple – just look like you put some effort into your appearance. Wash your hair, comb it, apply some pomade or wax; however you choose to style it, feel free. If it’s time to shave, today is the day to do so. Working the facial hair look? No problem, just clean it up a bit. Imagine that you’re getting ready for that job interview you really want to ace – you do want to look presentable, don’t you? A well-groomed man is always a nice sight for sore eyes!


2 Clothes maketh a man.

Of course, how you dress also plays a major role in making a good first impression, but so is staying true to your own style and being comfortable. Basically, just up your closet game and dress appropriately and sharply for the occasion! Taking your date out to a fine dining resto? Ditch the t-shirts for a night, and put on a crisp, classy polo. Going on a fun afternoon date outdoors? Feel free to keep things young, casual, and breezy (but please, no sleeveless jerseys just yet!) Also, if you tend to suffer from a dandruff situation, maybe avoid black clothing. Don’t worry, there are shampoos for that.

3 You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

What’s a well-dressed, well-groomed man without a friendly smile and some confidence to match? Before your first date, do what makes you confident and comfortable – listen to your favorite tunes, dance in front of the mirror if that’s your thing (no shame!), or talk to your bros for some hype and support. Fill yourself up with some good vibes to ease those initial jitters, so there’s more positivity to share with your date. She will feel more at ease with you when you’re cool, casual, confident, approachable, and easy-going beforehand!

4 Prioritize her.

Sure, you’re first-date-ready, but don’t forget that you’re doing all this to make your date feel special and comfortable with you. Make sure everything is in order, from your plans of picking her up and dropping her home, your restaurant reservation, or if she has any allergies you need to take note of beforehand, or if she has a specific time she needs to be home. It’s all about being considerate and thoughtful, and a mature man like you won’t have any problem being those traits, for sure!

5 Never underestimate the power of freshness.

A sense men may tend to forget about is smell. Aside from bringing backup mints to combat any garlic-smelling breath, you may get after a good meal, or spritzing a few sprays of your favorite manly perfume, or making sure your head of hair smells subtly of good, non-overpowering shampoo.

Good-smelling, oil-free, fresh hair is an underrated trait that girls will definitely notice about you. As mentioned above, any signs of dandruff will also be definitely noticeable, and this might rain on your confident parade.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-dandruff Shampoo is made specifically for men’s scalps and hair, so you’re guaranteed 100% freshness the whole day. It also smells of refreshing eucalyptus, which is good news for you and your date, too. Goodbye, sweat, stink, and flakes! Not only does it keep you totally dandruff-free, but it also has cooling properties that’ll help you stay feeling confident, cool, and fresh, all date long.

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