Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to mochi skin - Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid

Early Holiday Treats from Hada Labo

The Hada Labo trial pack is at 20% off until November 15, 2020 at selected Watsons outlets and through all Watsons e-commerce platforms!

Get mochi skin, Japan’s version of glass skin, with Hada Labo‘s simplistic approach to beauty! The Hada Labo skincare routine includes a cleanser, the lotion and a light moisturizer. Get an early holiday treat as The Hada Labo Trial Pack is on sale right now until November 15, 2020! The trial pack is at 20% off exclusively at selected Watsons outlets nationwide. You can also enjoy the exclusive discount through all Watsons e-commerce platforms (; Watsons in Shopee and Lazada).

Since its 2019 launch in the Philippines, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion has helped Filipino skincare enthusiasts achieve super hydrated skin. The product is the number one facial lotion in Japan for 13 consecutive years!

Hada Labo’s 3-Step Hydrating Routine is Now Available Online

Hada Labo provides intense hydration by harnessing the water-binding power of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally occurring in the human body that attracts and binds water, helping achieve the Japanese beauty ideal of mochi skin.

The Hada Labo trial pack is a set of minis that include the Hydrating Face Wash, Hydrating Light Cream and the famous Hydrating Lotion. The lotion can attract and hold up to 2,000 times its own weight in water! The trial packs are a good introduction to the brand if you’ve never tried it yet! It is also a great Christmas gift for skincare lovers!

Say goodbye to dull skin and say hello to mochi skin with Hada Labo. The Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion is packed with four types of Hyaluronic Acid that can soothe and firm the skin. It also strengthens the skin’s barrier. All the products in the line are fragrance-, alcohol-, color- and mineral-oil free.

The Hada Labo Hydrating range includes the Hydrating Lotion, Hydrating Face Wash, Hydrating Light Cream, Hydrating Water Gel, Hydra & Whitening Face Wash and Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash.

The Hada Labo less-is-more approach to skincare helps give you looks fresh for those video calls. The products, when used in a three-step routine, also prep your skin for when you need to wear makeup.

Get Hada Labo from select Watsons stores or order now from all Watsons e-commerce platforms such as and Watsons channels in Shopee and Lazada. For more information, follow Hada Labo Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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