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Asian Skincare Brands Share Maskne-fighting Beauty Routine

Upgrade your new normal beauty routine with a maskne-fighting regimen from Asian skin care brands MizuMi, Son & Park, and Papa Recipe.

It looks like mask-wearing is here to stay, but this doesn’t mean maskne should, too.

An unexpected addition to the beauty lexicon this 2020, the term “maskne” is the combination of the words “mask” and “acne,” and simply pertains to acne that’s caused by wearing a face mask. In derma-speak, though, this condition is called acne mechanica, a skin phenomenon that’s actually existed long before the coronavirus pandemic.

When a material, such as a fabric or surgical mask, presses against the skin for a prolonged period, it can cause irritation, leading to breakouts—usually along the chin, on the cheeks, and on the nose. This reaction is brought about by a perfect storm of factors: constant friction, occlusion, and heat combined with the buildup of sweat, oil, and bacteria.

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But while it’s true that acne treatments can zap the signs of maskne, any dermatologist will tell you that a preventive approach is always better than a reactive one. And when it comes to skin care, there’s no denying that the beauty experts of Japan and Korea are at the forefront, leading with exceptional innovations, unique formulas, and inside-outside results.

That said, here’s a maskne-fighting skincare regimen featuring skin care superstars from Asian brands MizuMi, Son & Park, and Papa Recipe:

STEP 1: Double-cleanse with MizuMi

MizuMi is a Thai beauty brand that uses Japanese technology to deliver real results. The brand’s name is derived from two Japanese words—“Mizu” for water, and “Mi” for beauty—as its philosophy is “skin beauty starts from water.”

Maskne Skincare - MizuMi Smooth Cleansing Water

First cleanse: MizuMi Smooth Cleansing Water, P249 (100ml)

Sale Price: P199.20 (currently 20% off on Zalora from October 8 to 14, 2020). Available on BeautyMNL, Zalora, LazMall, and Shopee Mall

  • Claim to fame: Featuring a double micellar formula, this cleansing powerhouse efffectively removes dirt, sunscreen, and even waterproof makeup while being ultra gentle on skin. The fresh watery solution glides on smoothly, reducing friction and minimizing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • More to love: Natural extracts from broccoli, chicory, and celery drench the skin with moisture, leaving it feeling soft and healthy—never dry or taut. It’s also 5-FREE, meaning it does not contain any perfume, oil, alcohol, parabens, or synthetic colors.
MizuMi Mild Facial Cleanser

Second cleanse: MizuMi Mild Facial Cleanser, P379 (100ml)

Sale Price: P303.20 (currently 20% off on Zalora from October 8 to 14, 2020).

Available on BeautyMNL, Zalora, LazMall, and Shopee Mall

  • Claim to fame: This derma-tested cleanser is specially formulated to deeply cleanse the face and body without drying the skin, making it ideal for those with sensitive or acne-prone complexions. It’s also safe to use with acne medication.
  • More to love: It’s infused with seven types of hydrating ingredients to moisturize the complexion and restore a healthy pH balance, boosting skin’s natural protection.

STEP 2: Tone with Son & Park

A collaboration between two Korean makeup artists who popularized the dewy “no-makeup” look, Son & Park offers simple yet effective products that respect the skin’s natural beauty.

Son & Park Beauty Water, P1,399

Sale Price: P1,119.20 (currently 20% off on Zalora from October 8 to 14, 2020)Available on Zalora, LazMall, and Shopee Mall

  • Claim to fame: Dubbed as a “holy grail” skin care product in and outside Korea, this beauty water is a cleanser and toner in one. It mildly exfoliates with papaya extract, clarifies and calms with witch hazel water, and hydrates with a cocktail of lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit extracts.
  • More to love: Clearly not your average toner, this multi-benefit formula can be used in the morning to create the perfect canvas for makeup, applied midday as a skin refresher, and used at night to strip skin of leftover dirt and residue after cleansing.

STEP 3: Moisturize and pamper with Papa Recipe

A brand that started with a Korean father’s journey to heal his daughter’s skin, Papa Recipe has grown into a global player that utilizes natural ingredients in achieving beautiful skin.

Acne-fighting Mosturizer: Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Cream, P1,099

Sale Price: P879.20 (currently 20% off on Zalora from October 8 to 14, 2020)Available on BeautyMNL, Zalora, LazMall, and Shopee Mall

  • Claim to fame:Eggplant for beauty? That’s right. This unique formula is powered by 72% eggplant extract, which is rich in “lupeol” to control sebum production and deliver excellent skin-caring effects for troubled skin.
  • More to love: It balances skin’s moisture and oil levels for healthy hydration, nourishes dry, rough, and sensitive skin, and boosts skin protection against irritation.

Pampering Mask: Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask Sheet, P149

Sale Price: P119.20 (currently 20% off on Zalora from October 8 to 14, 2020)

Available on BeautyMNL, Zalora, LazMall, and Shopee Mall

  • Claim to fame: This treatment sheet mask is made with nature’s best ingredients, including honey, propolis, and royal bee jelly to heal, moisturize, and pamper skin. Honey is known as a natural humectant, which means it draws and retains moisture into the skin for long-lasting hydration.
  • More to love: It’s formulated with the brand’s unique gold complex to revitalize skin, and uses a natural pulp sheet mask that’s suitable even for sensitive skin types. Each sheet is drenched with generous essence for the ultimate skin pampering.

You can now order all your maskne-fighting skincare products online! Follow MizuMi, Son & Park, and Papa Recipe on social media for more updates.

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