What to Expect When You’re Juice Cleansing

“Not only has juice cleansing helped me lose stubborn weight, it also rid me of the heavy feeling that inevitably came with the processed, preservative-laden foods I tended to eat every day.”

Ever since I first discovered juice cleansing, it’s become my go-to “reset” whenever I feel like my binging has gone out of hand. My family has a history of diabetes and hypertension, and I do try to make better choices as much as I can to avoid getting it myself. Like most things in life, though, it’s definitely easier said than done. (I still can’t give up sugar to save my life.)

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In the past two years, I’ve gone indoor cycling at least four times a week to achieve some sort of balance. I became physically stronger, sure; but I also reached a point when working out wasn’t enough to manage my weight anymore. It’s 80% diet and 20% exercise, right?

Between shifting jobs, moving out of my childhood home, and basically adulting, I haven’t been the most considerate to my body—and it started to show. Even with regular activity, I still put on extra pounds. I also experienced some of the worst bloating of my life, coupled with my skin breaking out like crazy. It was a nightmare. I knew my unhealthy diet was the culprit, and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I hated how I looked, but I hated how I felt even more.

That’s when I decided to give myself another nudge in the right direction with a three-day juice cleanse. I’ve done it before, so it wasn’t the hardest decision to make. While I was on it, though, I always got the same question from people: “Why?”

Unsurprising, especially because everyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of fruits and vegetables. When I was young, I barely ate them. (A possible reason I remained 4’11, so eat your veggies, kids!) Whether it’s papaya in my Mom’s tinola or bok choy in my Lola’s kare-kare, they were a no for me. I’m probably the last person anyone would think who’d willingly volunteer for a juice cleanse, yet here I am!


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I’m still a picky eater, but I’ve learned to love some greens as I grew older. How I’m able to stomach drinking cold-pressed juices made of organic fruits and vegetables is also a mystery to me, but I’ve found it easier and easier to commit to cleansing after I successfully finished it for the first time. Plus, I still can’t—for the life of me—just eat fruits and vegetables every day. Sorry, salads.

Photo: Pure Jus/Instagram

Factoring in the cost, literally and figuratively, a juice cleanse does sound torturous. Though, I can say with conviction that it isn’t. While it requires a bit (okay, a lot) of sacrifice, I’ve proven that the results are worth it.


For a quick rundown, below are just some of the benefits of juice cleansing I’ve personally enjoyed:

  1. The weight loss. Let’s be real. Who doesn’t want to shed any extra pounds they’re carrying?
  2. That light feeling. I remember feeling this amazing bloat-free feeling after I finished a three-day detox for the first time. I never wanted to eat again…for a couple of days, at least. I just felt so clean inside.
  3. The reset. After the third day of ditching solid food, I never looked at it the same way again. When I used to snack every hour because I “thought” I was hungry, the program helped me feel more in tune with my body, so I was able to make healthier choices.

Not only has juice cleansing helped me lose stubborn weight, but it also rid me of the heavy feeling that inevitably came with the processed, preservative-laden foods I tended to eat every day. Naturally, the effects don’t last if you don’t maintain it. Though it’s never a bad idea to try giving yourself that push!

Photo: Pure Jus/Instagram

To give you an idea of what to expect when you’re juice cleansing, I’m sharing some of my personal experiences here:

You’ll get frequent calls of nature. According to Pure Jus, my go-to brand for juices, “one of the main objectives of [a] detox program is to give your digestive system a break, so that it can focus on eliminating all the toxins deeply lodged in your system.” Since you’re only ingesting liquids, you’ll be spending a lot of time going to the bathroom. I mean, a lot. The whole point of the program is to detox, right? Your three days literally start with organic laxative tea, so…you get the rest.

You’ll feel a little disoriented. Going on a juice cleanse requires both mental and physical preparation. If you’re like me, you’ll be putting your body through radical change overnight—I suggest easing into it rather than diving head-first. Though it may be tempting to binge on sisig and rice the day before, it’s best to start consuming less and less solid food a few days before to manage the shock on your digestive system once you start your cleanse.

You’ll notice every little thing in the beginning. Whether it’s the fact that you’ve only gone through one bottle or you’re about to go on your sixth, you’ll be more attuned to what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, and what you’re drinking through the day. The juices are actually quite filling, but you’re still going to think you need to eat because you’re not eating. It won’t feel that way, but you’ll think it is. (Yes, you’ll also definitely miss chewing.)

Photo: Pure Jus/Instagram

You’ll be obsessing about your next meal during the first two days. You’ll think of food. All. The. Time. Whether you ease yourself in or you don’t, you’ll ultimately be betrayed by your senses whenever there’s food around. Stay strong. Focus on being as productive as you can, while giving your body time to adjust to the new way you’re nourishing yourself.

You’ll feel weak, but it won’t last long. During my first cleanse, I mostly stayed at home because I assumed I wouldn’t have energy to function. I assumed wrong. On my next cleanse, I actually had more than enough energy to work nine hours and killed an intense 50-minute indoor cycling class running on six bottles of 350ml cold-pressed juices. The human body is quite amazing, to be honest.

You’ll be fine not binging on food by the end of it all. Remember planning what you’re going to eat after the three days? You won’t even think of it seriously once you get through the second day. You’re already so close!

You’ll want to make the effects last longer. As you feel lighter approaching the final day of your juice cleanse, you’ll find yourself clinging to every possible way you can be kinder to your digestive system. It’s honestly one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life! Plus, one of the worst things you can do after a cleanse is shock yourself even further by suddenly gorging on solid food. Don’t do it. When I make it sound like easing in is an option, easing out isn’t. The first time I tried and failed, I quit halfway through the second day then ate a whole plate of pasta with abandon. It gave me the worst headache ever. Again, don’t do it.

If you’re convinced to try juice cleansing, I’m also listing a few tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Find the right juices. I credit most of my success in juice cleansing to Pure Jus. Without the brand’s great recipes, courtesy of the #BossBabe behind it Kristal Hierco, I wouldn’t even survive beyond the first day. Her blends are actually quite satisfying, and they taste good. No BS. Just let me put it this way: I hate beetroot, but I’m able to finish drinking one of Kristal’s juices even if it’s the main ingredient. They’re that good. If you don’t want to go on a program, Pure Jus also offers individual bottles for sale—including their Gold Series and Immunity Shots, premium blends meant to help address specific concerns like high cholesterol, water retention, and inflammation.

Photo: Pure Jus/Instagram

Tip #2: Find the right juicer. I say this because I think it makes all the difference. I’ve tried other juices before, but what sold me the most about Pure Jus by Kristal is that she doesn’t limit her service to just making and delivering the juices. For a first-timer, it made all the difference to me that she was there to answer my questions and give me advice throughout the three days. After my most recent cleanse, she even gave me tips on how to best maintain the results. Just by following her on Instagram, I can also see how much research and work she puts into the juices and the programs—and I truly admire her because of this!

Photo: Pure Jus/Instagram

Tip #3: Check yourself before you “wreck” yourself. I’m an “essentially well adult,” to quote the examining physician during my last routine medical, so I felt safe to go on a three-day detox program without any further consultation. If you have any doubts, however, do check with your doctor if you ever decide to go for it. This will keep your mind at ease, and make sure you achieve the intended effects of the juice cleanse. No matter how much you research online, it’s still best to have a professional’s opinion. Safety first!

While most just won’t try at all, I recommend to just do it—even once! Whether you like it or not, there’s really no need to panic. It’s organic!

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