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Here’s How New Lounge Copes with the New Normal

“With half of our faces covered on most days, we focus on the eyes as the ultimate expression of beauty in this NEW world that we will live in.” ​Beauty in the new normal will now embellish a new face, a smile may no longer come from the lips, but from what’s visible: THE EYES. 

In this emerging world, our eyes have become society’s only windows to our facial expressions. What better way to empower the eyes but with beautiful and natural-looking volume lashes. ​New Lounge lashes give you the confidence that you need to get up and face the challenges of this season. It allows you to look and feel beautiful, may it be on a good or a bad day. They may just be lashes but they make such a big difference on how one will view this new world that we are starting to live in. 

New Lounge goes beyond beauty, self-care helps you adapt as you navigate your way through the highs and lows of the new normal. We once knew a world that encouraged us to enjoy the outdoors and socialize as much as we can. But now that staying at home is the new norm, we need to make sure that even on no make up days inside the comfort of our homes, we feel beautiful and can freely express ourselves with natural-looking, beautiful eyes. Attract positivity through beauty, it always wins. 

With truckloads of information regarding the pandemic that’s easily available online, it is only natural that we become picky of the establishments that we will visit in the new normal. Let New Lounge PH gain your trust once again. The brand is implementing extreme safety protocols in its branches to ensure the well-being of guests and employees. “It is now, more than ever, that we have realized a deeper meaning and value to life over any other gains. This pandemic may have taught us that life may be fragile, but our spirits are resilient. We shall overcome this season!” says Rachelle Bravo, President & CEO of New Lounge PH.

All eyelash specialists shall undergo a two-week safety training and are subjected to medical screening prior to returning to work. They will don full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as they perform lash services while guests may bring their own PPEs or purchase one at the lounge for a minimal fee. There will be frequent cleaning of all surfaces before and after each appointment as well as daily sanitation, anti-bacterial misting ​, and the presence of high-grade air purifiers. Safety protocols will be visibly posted on various areas of the lounges to serve as a guide for all. A gentle reminder of the basics: No walk-ins, all appointments should be pre-booked online. All Lash Dolls would be asked to fill-out a travel and health screening form prior to the date of visit. Everyone is expected to be truthful in declaring their health conditions and travel history for the safety of all. Strictly no mask or with a temperature of 37.6 C and above, no entry. 

New Lounge PH needs the help of ​guests and eyelash specialists alike in adjusting to this new normal and urges everyone to cooperate with the safety procedures that they have carefully thought through and put in place. “One of our greatest assets is our workforce, keeping our lounges open, safe and ready to serve all guests will ensure livelihood for our 

beloved people” adds Rachelle. ​This may be a hard time for all but this is also a time to stand for each other, for our families, our community, and the society. ​We have to find ways to be comfortable in this new world, to not let fear overpower us. It may be a new and strange environment, but it is still our home after all. New Lounge PH wishes everyone to be more kind to each other as we all begin to dust ourselves off from this pandemic and embrace the challenges of a new journey ahead. 

To know more about New Lounge PH’s products and services, visit their website at To download the media kit please click on this link.

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