Payong ni Juan: Health Services and Protection for as low as P2 a day

Every Filipino can now have these three essential services in just a single membership plan at a cost of P800.00 for one year of membership or as low as P2 a day.

Who says that getting access to healthcare services, dental care benefits and insurance protection will cost you a lot of money? And normally you will get these three services/benefits from three different companies.  Not anymore! 

Every Filipino can now have these three essential services in just a single membership plan at a cost of P800.00 for one year of membership or as low as P2 a day. This is open to all Filipinos from 18 years old up to 69 years of age. 

The company, Payong ni Juan Incorporated, has partnered with reputable companies that has an established expertise in providing these services/benefits – telemedicine or telephone health consultation, dental care and insurance protection coverage. 


  1. Telemedicine or Telephone Health Consultation

Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchange from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.

With Payong ni Juan, a member can connect to a nurse and/or a doctor via phone or video call/app. This gives a convenient access to healthcare – just a text message and a nurse will contact you. 

With telemedicine, the doctor may give you an e-Prescription or a laboratory request as needed or a medical certificate upon your request.

To bring this service to its members, Payong ni Juan has partnered with PNTHEALTH whose doctors are specialized in Family Medicine, Pediatrician and Integrative Medicine among others. PNTHEALTH has a nationwide coverage, with over 130,000 subscribed members and is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Having a Payong ni Juan, it is like having an on-call doctor, anytime, anywhere!

  1. Dental Care Services

Bad dental health impacts overall health and increases the risk for chronic problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Because oral health directly affects our overall health, it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene and routine dental examinations to prevent these health problems.

But today, access to dental care is a major concern especially for low-income families. That is why many do not get preventive dental care and end up in emergency rooms with infections and severe tooth decay. 

With Payong ni Juan, access to the basic dental care services is now made affordable. Inclusive services are unlimited simple tooth extraction, one (1) oral prophylaxis (mild to moderate), temporary fillings, adjustment of denture, medication and/or prescription for dental pain, annual dental examination and lightcure/permanent filling (one teeth surface) among others. As a privilege being a member, you may also get discounts on other non-covered services.

To avail of the covered services, you just have to set an appointment with your preferred dentist among the accredited dentists/clinics of the IWC Wellness & Preventive Consultancy, Inc. The company has an established network of dentists and dental clinics nationwide. These dental professionals are pre-screened to ensure that they provide the level and quality of service the member/patient requires. There is peace of mind knowing that you are handled/treated by qualified professionals.

  1. Insurance Protection Coverage – Accident Insurance and Cash Burial Benefit

Reality is – we do not hold our lives in the palm of our hands. 

Every year thousands of Filipinos die or are injured in accidents. The sad part is, 99% of Filipinos don’t have accident insurance protection. So when accidents happen, many families suffer financially (aside from the emotional stress due to their loss) and ends up with debts.

Aside from the Telemedicine and the Dental Care Services, Payong ni Juan provides Protection Coverage – Accident Insurance and Cash Burial Benefit. This protection coverage will provide the family with a sum of money when death due to accident or sickness happens. Again, we do not hold our lives in the palm of our hands. The sum of money can be a source of fund during the period of emotional and financial adjustment.

For those with existing insurance policy/ies, this can be an add-on to your existing coverage. For those who have not yet taken steps towards future financial security, this can be a good start for you.

To be able to give you peace-of-mind, we have partnered with Bankers Assurance Corporation (BAC) to be able to provide you the protection you deserve. BAC is a subsidiary of the Malayan Group of Insurance Companies, the number one non-life insurance company in the Philippines since 1970. As a member of the Malayan Group, rest assured that we have a dependable partner, backed by responsive products, excellent track record and strong capitalization.


Visit Payong ni Juan and choose the membership plan that fits your need. Add to your cart and proceed with the payment using a credit card, debit card or your PayPal account. You will then receive confirmation emails and an activation link.

Payong ni Juan can be the BEST GIFT you can give your spouse, parents, children, loved ones or a friend! Instead of giving food, clothing, cosmetics or gadget why not give the benefits of healthcare access, dental care and protection?  

To learn more about Payong ni Juan, just click here.

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