Get Halo-ed at St. Nails

Treat your worn-out self in this Makati nail spa for a blissful pampering, and feel extra heavenly at it by giving back to their partner community, Gawad Kalinga.

The business of beauty and vanity is in full bloom. For the 'pamper-me-please' market,  they now have more places to visit when it comes to taming their tresses, polishing their tips, and prettifying themselves in different ways (this includes the male market too — hello, well-groomed gentlemen!).

The Halo-ed Experience

For the frazzled folk in search for that me-time hideaway to de-stress their hands and feet, St. Nails welcomes you with open doors to their little corner of Makati. This nail spa's location is quite unconventional–it's just beside a gas station, and within just a few steps away is a coffee shop, a pastry place for takeaway, and a speakeasy. Right beside its next door neighbor, is a massage place, which St. Nails' founder St. Anthony Tiu also operates; the nail spa was conceptualized just a year ago, actually, to complement the spa treatments.

Welcome to St. Nails

"We want our clients to have a wholistic experience, covering all senses," Carol Chua, Marketing Manager, shares. To soothe the eyes, a cosmopolitan chic design is used for St. Nails' interiors. Bossa nova music serenades you as relaxing ear candy. For the sense of taste, a cup of calming hot tea is served to clients. An herbal compress to warm your neck appeals to both sense of touch and smell; paired with their customized plush seats, you may just surrender to a short slumber simply because of its very comfortable experience (which I did). The entire nail spa is infused with a subtle bamboo scent, as the final touch to relax your sense of smell.

Cosmopolitan lounge
Common area made more personal with customized seats and tables

St. Nails is fairly new to the nail spa business, celebrating its first year of operations this month, but is enjoying its steady stream of loyal clientele. They are aware of the very many players in this nail spa industry, so they pay attention to the littlest details that they can offer to their customers so that they keep on coming back.  "We make sure that all our implements are all sanitized, each client gets a freshly sanitized set." shares.  We have a sterilizing machine that uses LED lights to ensure a hygienic treatment every session." I noticed that during my pampering session — all nail implements like the nail cutter and pusher were inside a sealed pouch before the nail technician used them for my nails. Not only will you be treated to divine looking tips and toes, but also be assured of a clean and hygienic experience.

Browse through their menu of services using a tablet; free wifi available, too!

For a quick primping, you can avail of the The St. Nails Classic Manicure (P200) or Classic Pedicure (P250), each service lasting 30 minutes. For a little extra and if you can linger more at the spa, an additional 30 minutes can get you Foot Bliss (P350, with Pedicure – P550), or Hand Bliss (P200, with manicure P350); both treatments feature products that detox your skin and give a surge of moisture to make it extra supple.


Hand and Foot Bliss

Packaged services called Bundle Me Up are available, should you wish to destress and prettify both hands and feet. Top to Toe (P400) combines manicure and pedicure, while Pamper Me Now (P800) levels up the mani-pedi treatment by bundling the Hand and Foot Bliss treatments.

Most of their customers avail of the Pamper Me Now package. My tired and dry feet, who have gone through many long walks (and spurts of jogging whenever I feel like I've overeaten), thanked this package, which also included filing of the feet to rid of dry skin. I chose to prettify my nails and toenails with varying shades of red; for the classic manicure and pedicure, can choose among their many available Orly nail lacquers (additional cost for more premium brands).

Spoil me now

For overworked hands and feet in dire need of revitalizing, St. Nails recommends Paraffin Essential (P800) where they immerse your tired, dry skin into a paraffin wax bath. Paraffin is said to resurrect skin from dry and tough to baby smooth; the heat of the wax bath is also supposed to aid in blood flow and to  help relax the muscles. Combine this treatment with manicure and pedicure and you have the Spoil Me Now (P1,000) package.

Carol also encourages clients to pamper their nails with their gel polish services (Gel Polish Top To Toe – P1,100 with manicure and pedicure) especially those who want fuss free and low maintenance tips (gel polish lasts longer, with less chipping and fading). "We use LED lamps. Some brands use UV, and that is harmful for the skin if frequent exposure," she adds, explaining why their gel polish service is safer than other nail salons'.

Gel polish

Feeling fancy? Indulge your hands with Nail Art!

Pamper parties, or 'Sparties,' are also popular, and the nail spa also offers the Halo-ed Party Package for the special bride, mommy-to-be, debutant, or any awesome person craving for a day of beautification with friends. You can book the entire space of St. Nails for a group of up to 15 persons maximum for parties and even temporarily decorate the area to suit the event's theme. "You're even welcome to bring in some light snacks and finger food that aren't too messy," Carol says. Party packages include rates for 2 hours or 3 hours, and can be customized.

Giving Back

For all the blessings that the nail spa owner has received in his life, he made a promise to give back — and this he does (and his customers as well) through St. Nails. "A certain percentage of the sales goes to help a community in Silver Heights Caloocan," Carol shares when asked about their partnership with Gawad Kalinga. Social entrepreneurship is important for St. Nails, and in their own simple ways, they wish to realize the potential of being living saints for others. To celebrate Christmas last year, the entire St. Nails family visited the community, for a lunch gathering and interaction. In the case of this little one year old spa in Makati, not only do you treat your worn-out self for a blissful pampering, you also feel extra heavenly at it by giving back to their partner community.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, St. Nails is offerering Halo-ed Treats at 30% off from Mondays to Thursdays, 10am to 5pm. This special discount applies to all Bundle Me Up services for the entire month of September 2013.







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