Glamming Up for the Holidays with Blowout Bar Manila

Whether you opt for a sleek, understated ‘do or a glamorous va-va-voom curl job, you’re guaranteed to make heads turn with their blowdry services.

As the holiday party season approaches, the womenfolk’s eagerness to indulge in shopping sprees and beauty regimens rolls around to a year-end high. From November to January, it’s all about Christmas lists, gifts, and that much needed shiatsu massage or hot oil. With the influx of Christmas parties, we ladies begin to seek out quicker, more pocket-friendly alternatives to colour jobs and cellophane treatments to save time and money.

Here comes Blowout Bar Manila to the rescue.

Blowout Bar in Rada Regency, Legaspi Village

“Blowout Bar Manila is the first authentic blow dry parlour concept here in the Philippines,” partner Ina Picar shares. “Here, blowdry services are our top priority. We decided to launch Blowout Bar here in Manila—Makati, specifically—because there are a lot of clients who work in the area and go for quick touch-ups in the morning to be able to make it in time for their meetings. Alternatively, some women also drop by in the late afternoon to get a more glamorous blowout job for parties. We’re open as early as 7AM, so people can squeeze in early appointments.”


Blowout Bar offers four signature styles: Flirtini, Long Island, Malibu Rum, and Cherry Bombshell. The Flirtini, which is their signature blowout, offers the promise of more volume and some waves. Long Island is for those who want to keep things sleek and straight, while the Malibu Rum is all about messy, beach-inspired waves. The Cherry Bombshell is a glamorous blowout job that boasts of masses of loopy corkscrew curls. All services are P400 regardless of hair length, and clients can enjoy some argan oil treatment and a glass of wine for an additional P200. Length of service depends on the hair type and the hair length, but on an average, blowouts take around thirty to an hour and a half to finish.

Any length, any style, one flat fee. Wash included!

Blowout upgrade includes a drink

Given my affection for big hair and masses of curls, I chose to go with the Cherry Bombshell. Just like any other parlour, the service kicked off with a shampoo and conditioner session. If you avail of the argan oil service, your stylist will work this into your hair after shampooing.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Watch while you wait

Tools used for hairstyling here at Blowout Bar Manila are very minimal. Nearly all the magic is brought on by the blowdryer with assistance from a curling iron. After drying my hair, my stylist worked two big rollers into the topmost portion of my hair to achieve a volume that would complement the style. From there, it was a continuous cycle of curl and pin, curl and pin, and curl and pin until it was time to release the kraken—er, my bigger-than-ever hair. They set it off with some spray, did some minor fixes to curls gone awry, and I was good to go.

Lots of Curls: The Cherry Bombshell Blowout

I liked the look of things right off the bat. The curls are big, bouncy and glamorous, which can really add some spice to one’s look. However, they did start to unravel pretty quickly towards the end of the night, which, I feel, is due to the argan oil treatment and the conditioner. If your hair is not the type that can sustain curls for very long, I suggest you request your stylist to stave off the conditioner so you can keep the style longer.


Overall, I had a good experience at Blowout Bar Manila. I was able to kick back and relax with a glass of wine and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on television, as the stylist did her work. Alternatively, you can choose from a compilation of movies that the store has available to keep yourself entertained. I would definitely recommend their services for the holidays, as this is a quicker, cheaper alternative to most of the usual hairstyling options found at general service salons. Whether you opt for a sleek, understated ‘do or a glamorous vavavoom curl job, you’re still guaranteed to make heads turn at whichever party you are to attend this year—just don’t forget to treat your hair after each blowdry job.



Treat yourself to a blowdry service at Blowout Bar Manila, located at the ground floor of Rada Regency, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati. Open Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm, and Saturdays 10am – 8pm. Book your appointment earlier than usual during the holidays, 3 to 4 days in advance is recommended. Call 0917-8412484 or 0917-505-BLOW.


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