Santé Impact System: A New System changing Philippine Fitness and Rehabilitation Landscape

Consumers now can rest easy and have a body that can be fit for every kind of activity as Santé Impact System introduces a new approach of achieving optimal human performance.

Consumers now can rest easy and have a body that can be fit for every kind of activity as Santé Impact System introduces a new approach of achieving optimal human performance.

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A Portion of the Fitness Area

SImS, a pioneering fitness-sports rehab facility located at the forefront of Ortigas Center, provides a comprehensive and integrated Two-in-one system that encompasses fitness-conditioning training, injury-prevention, recovery and rehabilitation along with state-of-the-art gym equipment and facilities. Through a combination of clinical and scientific approach together with the new trends on fitness all around the globe by a dynamic team of certified Fitness trainers and licensed physical therapists, Sante Impact’s training system enables and empowers everyone to achieve maximum human performance. It’s the very first in the country to perform research on every result to further enhance the system to make significant change in the future of athletic training and fitness.

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The Sports Rehab Center

“With all the demands of today's fast pace and highly stressful environment, it is an inevitable need for everyone to ensure that we are all fit enough to perform at our peak level. SImS Fitness programs are designed to train everyone to be strong enough to endure and outlast the physical challenges we face every day” remarked Ms. Clarize Lucindo, Operations Manager of SImS. “Similar to athletes, everyone also experiences some form of pain, whether it be from injury or everyday repetitive stress of the body, SImS integrated Fitness and Rehabilitation programs allows you to get back to your system and even in better shape than before.”

Officially launched as part of Santé Health and Wellness Center in October, 2015, SImS offers a variety of programs that will match consumer’s fitness goals, whether you’re an athlete who’s trying to find ways to reach peak performance, or a stay-at-home mom who wants to stay fit.

SImS is focused on giving its consumers peak human performance by having a stronger body and mind.


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SImS is definitely not your ordinary gym. Through its integrated Fitness-Sports Rehab program, it puts in the good and gets people out of the bad type of pain with its complete structure that gets them back and even improves their system. It was formed to let people feel the impact of having a stronger, healthier, and fitter not just body but lifestyle. SImS ultimate thrust is to provide holistic and innovative sports rehabilitation programs that would unleash optimum human performance to enhance the quality of life. With SImS, you can say that you can surely have the confidence to finish every given activity and #LivewithImpact.

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So if you want to try develop any specific sports skill, do a full body-workout or challenge yourself to bring your Sexy out this summer, just head on over to the SANTÉ IMPACT SYSTEM located at the U/G Floor of ETON CYBERPOD CORINTHIAN EDSA cor. Ortigas avenue, Quezon City. Just across Robinson’s Galleria Mall and beside Corinthian Gardens residential community.

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