Rise and Ride: Ride Revolution Puts a Fun Spin on Fitness

Check out this indoor cycling studio in Makati where you can hop on a bike and begin your journey to a stronger you.

The rise of more fitness centers in the metro that offer alternative exercises beyond the treadmill proves that many are now seeking a fitter lifestyle with workouts that are anything but boring. Adding a spin (and awesome soundtracks) to a full body workout is Ride Revolution, an indoor cycling studio in Makati where you can hop on a bike to begin your journey to a stronger you.


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Welcome The Resistance

The story of Ride Revolution begins with one very satisfied customer. Viv Tordesillas, one of the co-owners, discovered indoor cycling when she was based in Washington DC for a couple of years. Her enjoyment of this newfound fitness carried over to her husband Noel, and they both got into it, becoming frequent riders. The couple, cycling converts, wanted to bring this concept back to Manila when it was time for them to come home. Together with friends and partners who were interested in giving our local fitness industry a fresh spin (Michelle Quiogue, Kaity Chua, Nikki Sugay, and Belle Daza), Ride Revolution's first indoor cycling studio was set up–offering a full body workout where lights are low, spirits are high, and fun music keeps you in the groove.

Break The Cycle

Inside the studio are 28 Schwinn indoor cycling bikes that feature Carbon Blue technology–this means a quiet and smooth ride for every rider (these bikes are also the newest and comfiest ones in the metro). They also have adjustable resistance and fully adjustable seats and handlebars to fit each rider safely and comfortably. Each bike is also equipped with a console able to measure a rider's performance (RPM/revolutions per minute, energy, distance, heart rate, calories burned) — these information are sent to you through your email after your class, and you can track your weekly or monthly progress online using your account in the Ride Revolution website.

After equipping the studio with top of the line hardware, a sleek locker room, and an overall fresh and energetic look, riders are left in the strong hands of Ride Revolution's trained instructors, who each stamp their own brand of fun in every workout with their different playlists–classes here always work with a theme, if you want to choose your classes to suit your musical preference. "Whether you're a beginner or someone used to cycling, it doesn't really matter which of the classes you choose–it's always about listening to your body," says co-owner Michelle Quiogue, "there are a lot of first timers who take a class and do well. It's all about how you push yourself — there's never an 'easy' class because you can make it hard by boosting the bike's resistance."


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Every instructor's mood, style, and selection of songs bring different kinds of energy that each class always has something a little different to offer. It's the perfect class for audiophiles, as their playlists are set to push you harder while keeping you focused on the beat and the mood. "We all have different styles, timing, and ways to motivate the riders," shares instructor Katz Salao. Like most of the other instructors, Katz has a strong background in sports and fitness, and if not on the bike, is busy with other work (Katz is also a Nike Training Camp (NTC) Philippines trainer, a radio DJ, and host of webshow GamePlan).


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When asked about the biggest misconception about indoor cycling, Michelle answers jokingly, "that you're gonna die?" I honestly had that thought pass my mind before signing up for my first class — maybe the supercool equipment intimidated me easily. "Pacing is really important, and instructors always do a good job here reminding people that it is not a race. It's not about how fast you go, it's about enjoying the music and riding to the beat," she adds. Before every class, the crew is ready to assist riders in their bikes (for adjustments or any questions). "I think also, people are afraid of getting called out, like 'You at the back! Keep going!' But we never do that," Katz says. "We do greet you and call out if you do a good job. A lot of our training was also dedicated to the motivational part of cycling. You'd think this was all just very physical in terms of training and that motivational part comes out easily, but everything has to come out as smooth, natural, and as authentic as you can. You can't fake it. We encourage to always uplift everyone in class–we ride as one."

Exercising, especially for the lazy, usually is something one faces with slight dread, so an instructors' positive attitude and an awesome playlist really does make a difference in making fitness something that will make you come back for more: fun. If regular gyms don't cut it for you, maybe it's time to experience if indoor cycling will stir a fitness revolution in you.

Regular Rates (buy credits/purchase a class before booking a bike):

  • First-Timer Package (P1,100/3 Classes)
  • Single Class (P1,100)
  • 5 Class Package (P5,000)
  • 10 Class Package (P9,500)
  • 15 Class Package (P13,500)
  • 20 Class Package (P17,000)
  • Monthly Unlimited (P22,000)

May 2016 promotion:

  • RACE to FIVE: buy a 5 class pack on or before May 8 and finish it before May 22 and you will get another 5 rides free (free rides will be credited to your account on May 23). This promo is only valid on new packages.

Ride Revolution is located at the third floor of Steps Dance Studio, 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati. Weekly schedules are posted on their website (www.riderevolution.ph), where you can create your account to purchase your classes. Like Ride Revolution on Facebook (/riderevolutionph) and follow on Instagram (@riderevolution).


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