Now Open: HIT Arena Elite at Gatorade Hoops Center Shaw

The Arena in Gatorade Hoops Center, Shaw is available for Open Gym from 7am to 2pm. Book a free session now!

HIT Arena Elite is a circuit training gym with daily programs designed for weight and fat loss, strength, conditioning and athletic performance.  HIT Arena offers hourly training sessions from 7am to 10pm headed by an experienced trainer.

Programs are as follows:

HIT RUSH (Available the whole day)

This program lasts for about 45mins to an hour. this program is designed for people who wants to lose weight. It consists of 3 – 4 rounds with 8 exercise stations, each station lasting about 30 seconds per exercise. A break of 1 minute will be given after each round.

HIT FORCE (Available starting 3pm)

Specifically for people who wants to gain muscle mass. This concentrates mainly on muscle growth so heavier weights are used in this program. It lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour with 3 rounds of intense workout. A break of 1 minute will be given each round.

SHORTCIRCUIT (Available the whole day)

Designed for people ON-THE-GO, this HIIT training lasts only for 30mins and you can start whenever you please  without having to wait for a schedule. An exercise board is provided for you to follow and complete within 30 mins. this focuses mainly on both strength and endurance.

The Arena in Gatorade Hoops Center is also available for OPEN GYM from 7am to 2pm. Client may workout on a designated area for his own program. Other classes offered are Aerial & Pole Fitness by Chrome Divas, Yoga and Dance Classes by Dan Cabrera.

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