CycleHouse: An Indoor Cycling Studio is Now Spinning in Ortigas

Cycling fans in Ortigas can now get that endorphin rush and work on fitness goals with every ride--and book workouts at affordable rates.

Cycling fans in Ortigas can now get that endorphin rush and work on fitness goals with every ride–and book workouts at affordable rates–at CycleHouse.

CycleHouse: Now Open in Ortigas


Locker area beside the shower rooms and comfort room

While indoor cycling is not quite new, a studio opening up in the Pasig area is perfect for all the office folk surrounding it — now it's more convenient to choose a workout and there's no excuse for skipping exercise because a studio is just in the area. Cyclehouse is a short walk from Podium Mall and Megamall, and a new fitness center of choice for the working community of Ortigas Center. To give a clearer picture of how indoor cycling is great for everyone–newcomers and fitness enthusiasts alike–Coach Mitch Estuar of CycleHouse explains all about this fitness activity you can experience inside their studio where the lights are low and the music keeps you amped up to spin more.

Coach Mitch

What can first-time indoor cyclers expect from their very first Cyclehouse class?

Coach Mitch: "Maybe what they need to do before a class is to first get a doctor's permit if they have previous injuries or conditions, or at least make sure that they are free from injury or any other illnesses. Second, before the class, they should get proper nutrition, like a 200 calorie snack an hour or two hours before. And they should also wear proper gym attire and have their own hydration with them. Make sure that you have your bikes properly adjusted–we assist with this and getting yourself hooked on the bike with the shoes."

Riders rent the magnetic clip-on shoes of CycleHouse for their classes

How safe is the equipment and gear at Cyclehouse?

All our bikes are new and are very safe, and they're really built for this kind of exercise wherein we work on the upper and the lower body. They're really built for the movements, and we have a built-in rack for the dumbbells so it is really made for our workout.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike

How does a cycling class benefit athletes of other sports, or people who are used to a different kind of exercise?

Our workout hits all components of phyiscal fitness–from engaging power, strength, speed, and even coordination and balance. So if you have been going to the gym, it could be a fun workout for you, but challenging as well because you'll get to get through all sorts of trainings and you get a complete workout.

A class begins with warm-up and stretching

What's a common myth about cycling that you want to debunk?

Number one: females think that they'll get bigger legs when they do cycling or if they load more resistance! It's a cardiovascular activity, meaning you just get to burn calories–you don't bulk up. It's not like a weight training thing. The load doesn't make your legs bigger; it's muscular endurance.

Dim lighting lets riders focus on their own ride, taking the exercise at their own pace

For people who will be continuously taking classes at CycleHouse, how different will every session be?

You'll get almost the same kind of training program, and the number of calories burned will be almost the same, all the targeted body parts and fitness goals per track would be there per class. If you attend a different coach, it would just be their own style and music — some would be into Arianna Grande, and Demi Lovato, and some would have a hip-hop style or rock. I for one am more on the EDM and house and big bass kind of music. But more or less we all have the same program and you can look forward to the same muscular ache every time. [laughs]

Your arms will workout, too: challenge your upper body with light weights

On the average, how much calories can a person burn in a class?

More or less we are targeting 700-800 calories, depending on the load and your speed of course, and how much you can keep up with the pace.

A class is beyond just pushing that bike's pedal

At CycleHouse, guests can choose to become a member at P2,000/year to avail of Ride Packages and Subscriptions; new riders can directly purchase from the studio 3 Rides for P1,000, while non-members/returning guests can book online a Single Ride (P800). Member packages include 5 Ride (P3,500) and 10 Ride (P6,750) packages; other packages and monthly subscriptions are available.


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CycleHouse is located at 8/F Padilla Building (beside Jollibee Plaza and across Strata 2000), Ortigas, Pasig. The studio entrance is right next to Elite Boxing and Muay Thai Gym. For the full rates and class schedules, visit Follow CycleHouse on Instagram (@cyclehouseMNL) and like on Facebook (/cyclehousemnl). #cyclehouseMNL


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