5 Tips To Keep You Healthy During The Rainy Season

Here are 5 tips to get you ready.

Here comes the rain again.

Just as you’ve gotten used to the long hot days of relaxing on the beach and getting that perfect tan,–it happens. The sky suddenly turns dark, you hear the clouds grumble and before you know it, you’re drenched by the unexpected downpour.

Yes, as much as we hate to do it, its time to say goodbye to the summer.

In just a few weeks, the wet season will take over, and though it may be a welcome change from the sweltering summer heat, the rains does bring in a lot of unwelcome guests which could make you sick and cause a lot of problems.

Here are 5 tips to get you ready for the rainy season:


  1. BRING OUT YOUR WATERPROOF GEAR!  As much as you’ve fallen in love with those floral tank tops and shorts, it’s time to once again bring out those raincoats, jackets and umbrellas. Weather can be unpredictable so it pays to be prepared. Leave an extra set of clothes at the office in case of emergencies and if you are living or working along flood prone areas, now might be a good time to buy rain boots. Boots won’t just keep your feet dry, it can also protect you from the dreaded leptospirosis. As much as possible use water proof or (at least water repellant bags) as you might also need to protect your stuff and gadgets in case of a heavy downpour.

  2. KEEP YOURSELF DRY AND CLEAN:  Walking in the rain might look fun (and even romantic like in the movies) but unless you are wearing boots and a rain jacket, its better to just wait it out and keep yourself dry.  Getting wet in the rain makes you prone to a host of viral diseases such as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails. Make sure to bring alcohol, hand sanitizer and some wipes to keep you clean. So if your feet does get wet, wash them immediately with water or alcohol and wipe them dry and clean using those wet wipes.  If your clothes get wet, do not sit in an AC environment!  If you don’t have an extra shirt, dry yourself with tissues (as using your handkerchief or towel may just spread the germs all over) and put some on your back to keep it dry from perspiration. You are also most likely to catch flu are from public places in which you touch surfaces after other people have such as doors to the schools, libraries, keyboard/computers at cyber shops with bus/train seats public toilets, etc. so its best to have those wipes and alcohol always ready.
  3. BATHE TWICE A DAY: I know the water is cold but its best to take another shower as soon as you get home in the evening. This will insulate you against infections caused by the build-up of sweat and dirt due to humidity. Use cream bath soaps, or some bath gel with essential oils or scents to make it even more enjoyable. 

  4. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS:  The rainy season is also known as cold and flu season so better boost your immune system by taking ascorbic acid or Vitamin C and other multivitamins. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which protects against free radical damage, chemicals and pollutants that may harm our body’s cells. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps repair and regenerate collagen. Vitamin C reduces cold symptoms by 23%, and can be found in abundance in local citrus fruits such as calamansi and dalandan. Vitamin D is another essential supplement as it helps to contribute to bone strength, aids in the absorption of calcium and helps promote a positive mood. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin in cooler weather, vitamin E oil can be a great addition to your personal care routine. Zinc is another overlooked mineral with a host of important benefits. Zinc supports proper immune function, eye health and the regulation of appetite, taste and smell. Zinc is also responsible for the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD), which plays an important role in protecting our bodies from free radical damage. For overall wellness there is also Turmeric (Luyang Dilaw) it is good for people who have high cholesterol as research suggests that taking turmeric extract by mouth twice daily for 3 months reduces total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol. It is also useful for people with inflammation or joint pain. Turmeric can also aid digestion and regulate menstruation.

  5. STOCK UP ON MEDICINE: Because of the unexpected weather, it is better to have those medicine cabinets stocked with some of the essential OTC medicines in case you or a family member gets sick. Among the most common and useful generic OTC medicines are Loperamide for diarrhea; Guaifenesin, Carbocisteine or Ambroxol for cough, Ibuprofen for pain; Paracetamol for fever and pain and Loratadine or Cetirizine for allergy.  

The good news is that preparing for the rainy days and buying all these items need not be costly if you know where to shop. Watsons, for example has the products you need for the rainy season, not just for beauty but also for personal essentials such as hand, bath soap and gels, lotions, shampoos and conditioner, tissue and wipes, and other toiletries.

This is all part of their Switch and Save campaign which started five years. At that time the country’s economy was going through unstable times and as consumers were faced with tightening budgets, they were forced to choose where they would spend and where they would cut down.

The “Switch & Save” campaign started as an educational effort that showed smart shoppers how to save on their personal care essentials in order to afford more of the things they really wanted. All they had to do was make the shift from the leading brand to the Watsons label product. In 2014, Watsons Generics brought that same promise of affordable, quality medicine as well as vitamins and food supplements to Filipinos everywhere.

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