Beyond Besties: Danica and Ciara Sotto Share About their Strong Bond at Physiogel’s SIS Session

The duo spoke about the perks of sharing this strong bond as family, soul sisters, and now, workout buddies!

Having a BFF is great and all, but to have a best friend and cousin in one person? It’s like you’ve hit the jackpot! Family gatherings are never boring, you have tons of childhood memories together, and you always got each other’s backs without a tinge of judgment. You have a sister no matter what.

Danica and Ciara Sotto are lucky enough to know this too well. Last October 23, the duo spoke about the perks of sharing this strong bond as family, soul sisters, and now, workout buddies during the last SIS Session with Physiogel.

Just like real sisters, sharing keeps their relationship strong – whether stories, secrets, or even their passions. This time, Ciara shared her love for working out by teaching Danica her favorite fitness routine. These two are different in many ways, but they share the same power: strength in softness. It takes strength to be soft, gentle, and kind — that’s Danica for me”, Ciara mentions. “Even when things are chaotic, she remains kind and always gives the other party the benefit of the doubt”. Danica also shared how her ate inspires her, saying, “Ciara is literally strong. You can see her perform difficult pole poses with so much ease. But beneath that strong body is a woman full of grace”.

Sleepovers, beach trips, party nights, and even petty fights — looks like these sisters by heart have been through it all. Growing up together means they share a lot of memories at different points in their lives. But as they grew up, their bond only got stronger. Danica revealed that they’re now mature enough to comfortably share very personal problems. They’re each other’s source of strength.

Self-care is also one of the passions these sisters share. Ciara reveals that they recommend skincare stuff to each other because of their sensitive skin. “When we both discovered Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Range, our self-care routine just got better. We both want healthy skin, so it’s the perfect addition to our routine” she mentions. “Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Range also helps address some of my skin issues. It strengthens and also softens my skin”, Danica adds. It’s all thanks to Physiogel’s Biomimic Technology, a unique science that mimics our natural lipids to repair and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while keeping skin soft. Because of the relief it brings, both Danica and Ciara agree that making time for themselves with Physiogel is a must!


Danica and Ciara are proof that cousins can be the best sisters, conquering everything together with strength in softness. This kind of bond can even give us the longest and definitely the strongest friendship of our lives. It’s like having a built-in best friend that no one can take away from you!

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Physiogel is available in two variants –  Daily Moisture Therapy Range for dry to very dry skin and Calming Relief AI Range for reddened, irritated and sensitive skin. Look for Physiogel at Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, BeautyMNL, and Physiogel Official Stores at Lazada and Shopee.

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