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Glorietta Unveils Its Newly Rejuvenated Fitness and Wellness Zone

The healthy lifestyle is here to stay! With more Filipinos determined to delve more into nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for sports and self-care hubs. “Fitness and well-being are no longer mere trends. They’ve become a necessity in today’s new normal,” reports Ayala Malls Marketing Director Eunice Velasco. She continues, “And that’s why we are more than happy to respond to this growing consumer priority through the opening of flagship stores and innovative retail concepts that directly respond to this consumer desire.”

Glorietta supports the resounding enthusiasm in today’s health-loving era with exciting brands that highlight two pillars prevalent in the new normal lifestyle: fitness and wellness. After all, health truly is the most important and undeniable measure of wealth. 

Be it for running, yoga, or any kind of sport—or self-care and much-needed relaxation and pampering— customers can find everything they need in the newly rejuvenated fitness and wellness zone of Glorietta, Makati.

Wellness Place Glorietta

Three fitness shops to power all your athletic needs

The largest Adidas store in the Philippines—with a whopping 1,500sqm—opened its doors to introduce a new concept that aims to elevate Manila and the country to the brand’s world stage. Located at the 2nd level of Glorietta 3, the space is positioned as the ‘Brand Center,’ which blends several features, including advocacies, innovations, and exclusive store features, all under one roof.

First, the new Brand Center houses the country’s most extensive collection of Adidas products, including exclusive gear for golf, trail, and outdoor activities. Second, it brings the first and only Maker Lab to the country, allowing customers to personalize their favorite Adidas products. Third, it integrates LEDs to enhance customer shopping by showcasing content exclusive to the store and accompanying shoppers through digital storytelling. Fourth, the store also synergizes sports and culture by drawing from Filipino heritage and showcasing artworks in partnership with local communities like the Argao weavers and visual creatives like Kris Abrigo and Aral Cru.


As the biggest adidas store in the PH, the Brand Center includes multiple Moment Areas like the Basketball Area

Furthermore, the brand collaborated with Quiccs, a renowned Filipino toy designer and visual artist, who incorporated his iconic TEQ character on a giant Trefoil logo near the checkout desk, thus leaving an edgy yet playful vibe among happy shoppers. Lastly, the Brand Center calls customers to end plastic waste through its immersive Sustainability Ramp, a life-sized digital tunnel that projects videos about marine plastic pollution.

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Nike, meanwhile, moved to a new location and is hyped to be their most significant to date with up to 900 sqm of retail space. Still located on the second floor of Glorietta 3, the store features a new concept known as Nike Rise, highlighting a more personalized shopping experience that connects clients with their sports and communities. The store’s unique services include Women’s First Hour; which grants female customers to book appointments for assisted in-store shopping; Style My Squad, which helps clients find the best items for friends and family; and Tights Styling, which allows customers find the most suitable pair for their fitness needs, let them test their shoe orders on in-store treadmills before buying. What’s more, the store boasts a refreshed focus on women’s and kid’s items, thus promising a more comprehensive selection under the two categories covering athletic and lifestyle apparel, footwear, bags, and other accessories. 

One of the largest sports retail chains in Europe is coming to Glorietta in 2022: Go Sports. Featuring a unique store concept staffed by former athletes, it carries a full range of athletic equipment and necessities. Given the expertise of the store personnel, customers can be assured of proper equipment demonstration and guidance when looking for specific products. The space is also designed to provide an experiential shopping experience with multiple product displays that customers can try out.

Nike in Glorietta

One new wellness destination for much-deserved relaxation

Glorietta launches its first-ever wellness specialty zone known as Wellness Place. This all-in-one self-care haven includes stores and merchants ranging from haircare to skincare, beauty salons, and boutiques. With an aim to uplift patrons amidst the challenges of the new normal, the Wellness Place is designed to provide relaxation through the senses. Anyone who enters the specialized wing is greeted with a distinct ambiance marked by a refreshing Wellness Place scent. 

Those looking for a trim or a new hairstyle altogether can visit Headway Salon and T&J Salon. Meanwhile, Skin Station offers affordable skincare treatments like Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal, facials and peels, whitening and anti-aging treatments, and more. Waxing sessions are also available at LayBare for both men and women. Customers can also bring the wellness experience to their homes by shopping for their favorite Pili Ani essential oils. Tying everything together is a warm cup of coffee at Little Farmers, which is best enjoyed with hearty conversations.

Brand Center also hosts the Maker Lab, allowing all to flex their creativity through customization

A new destination to reach your fitness and wellness goals

Surge Fitness is the newest destination to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle, both physically and mentally. The 1,384-sqm gym is complete with premium facilities, including a functional training area, indoor turf, free weights, machine area, virtual reality fitness, state-of-the-art group class studio, interactive spinning area, sauna room, and more. It also has a play zone for fun and interactive games shared with friends. Managed by certified fitness coaches, clients are assured of a safe and effective workout while getting an endorphin rush at every visit. Surge Fitness operates in compliance with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Inter-Agency Task Force (IAFT), thus observing mandatory safety protocols and operational hours.

Ayala Malls continues to curate the best and most relevant lifestyle experiences through new concepts, including fitness and wellness. For more information on store openings, ongoing promos, mall events, and safety measures, please visit Ayala Malls https://www.facebook.com/AyalaMalls360/ or through IG @iloveayalamalls.

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