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Diet: the four letter word I dread. For someone who loves food and is always on the look out for new and good places that serve it, that word is a nightmare. Folks, I know I'm not alone in my sentiment. There's just so much delicious, mouthwatering food out there waiting for us!

That's why sisters Rachel and Barni Alejandro of The Sexy Chef Cafe are continuously redefining diet, as they are staunch believers that healthy food should never compromise on taste. The dynamic duo has for years, served Metro Manila with their food delivery service, catering to those who want to lose weight (and those who simply want to eat right) on a daily basis.

When the Alejandro sisters told me that their food makes you forget about 'diet,' I lowered my raised eyebrow for a moment. Okay, let's now find out what 'sexy' tastes like!

The Sexy Chef Cafe
Enjoy a delectable variety of fit and diet meals served by the Sexy Chef. Fit and fabulous sisters Rachel and Barni Alejandro tell us more about their healthy food delivery service.

In their regular menu, the different Wraps (P105 each) use whole wheat tortilla. I got to try the Chicken Adobo Wrap, which, at first sight, seems boring, with the brown tortilla just plainly packaged inside a plastic container.

Chicken Adobo Wrap

What was hidden inside was a delightful mix of flavors: there's the small chunks of chicken, adobo style (sans the oily sauce of course), brown rice, and cheese. What twists things a bit is the addition of the mango pieces, which gives the wrap a sweeter taste. You've got this good combination of textures and flavors all in one wrap, that there's no need for any salsa or sauce. What is also noteworthy is the portioning of the wrap -- it's huge! You can actually split it in two if you decide to have it for a snack. But if you wish to eat it in one go, go ahead -- remember, this is guilt free dining thanks to the Sexy Chef.

Fish Fillet Sandwich

As for their Sandwiches (P110 each), I got to try out the Fish Fillet Sandwich. Compared to the wrap, the sandwich was much lighter fare (a whole wheat tortilla and brown rice does fill you up fast). At first bite,I focus my attention on the whole wheat bun that they used: soft and fluffy, sweet, and laden with sesame seeds. Sandwiched between the bread was cream dory fish fillet, which was light and tender. Along with it, slices of tomato, melted cheese, lettuce, and a light mustard dressing. I was pretty ecstatic that The Sexy Chef incorporates cheese into their dishes. It's actually a healthy dairy product; the key here is serving and consuming it in moderation.

My favorite Sexy Chef creation would have to be from their Fit Meal line. For only P140 each, you can have a healthy and budget-friendly meal delivered to you. You have eight different meals to choose from, which they coin 'The Sexy 8.'

Korean Beef Barbecue with Sesame Kangkong

I had one meal delivered for lunch, the Korean Beef Barbecue with Sesame Kangkong. The meal was a classic example of how your everyday meal can be both healthy and yummy, and fill you up just right. The brown rice was an excellent pair for the soft slices of beef, as the meat is very tasty. The siding of veggies was also very flavorful, glazed with a sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds to give it an oriental touch. I know lot of people who dislike brown rice for its texture, but I find it actually very good, as long as you know what kind of dish to pair it with. Perhaps this Fit Meal can make a brown rice lover out of you.

Barni shares that The Sexy Chef was born out their own personal needs: Rachel got her as a personal chef, and Barni was very sickly in the past, so she had to be smarter with her diet. Rachel adds that with her busy schedule, having their own food delivered to wherever she is was just perfect -- no need to think of what to eat, with the assurance of healthy meals for every delivery. Seeing both sisters in the flesh as radiant and fit as can be, it's pretty obvious to me that they're the breathing examples of their own service. So whether you're eating right to lose weight or to just be a healthier you, just leave it to the Sexy Chef to bring delicious meals without the guilt right to your doorstep.

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