This New Gym in BGC Lets You Bounce on a Trampoline to Burn Major Calories with 'Saltar'

Bored with your usual cardio? Then schedule a free trial at Celebrity Fitness Philippines at One Bonifacio High Street, and jump on board with a fun trampoline workout -- the first of its kind in the Philippines!

'Saltar' means jump in Portuguese

"Celebrity Fitness brings a unique take on fitness with its brand purpose of making fitness fun, and helping members to look and feel sensational," shared Mark Ellis, Country Manager, during the grand opening of the very first branch in the country. "We believe that fitness builds inner confidence that makes you feel fierce – confident, bold, and sexy. And what better way to get started on building your confidence through fitness than with our team of fabulous StarMakers?" The addition of the One Bonifacio High Street branch makes it a total of 60 Celebrity Fitness clubs now open in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Inside Celebrity Fitness Philippines

"We’re very pleased at how the brand’s refreshing approach to fitness has resonated with Filipinos so far, and we look forward to growing the Celebrity Fitness network of clubs in the Philippines,” said Simon Flint, Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Wellness. Guests can look forward to more club openings around the metro in 2019. One of the earliest favorites of the pioneer members of Celebrity Fitness is their signature class called Saltar, a standout as it is the only workout of its kind in the country. Unlike trampoline parks and facilities, in this class, each person uses a mini trampoline, and burns major calories in a fifty minute session!

Saltar class set-up inside the club's main studio -- the class uses mini trampolines with durable fabric and steel-supporting frames

First timers need not worry because the instructors or StarMakers always teach the basics of using the trampoline, from how to mount and dismount, and the proper technique in getting that bounce you'll need to keep your momentum (you pound your feet on the trampoline's surface rather than jumping up and down). Once you're all set, the class is off to a quick warm-up off the trampoline then the beats drop faster and you pick up speed as you bounce on the trampoline!

Hate running? Then this cardio class is something that might get you hooked.

It feels like dancing on a trampoline, but with the added challenge that burns major calories in a heart-pounding class -- there are quick foot work and leg work like high knees, shuffles, and jacks, all to the beat of dance music. Saltar combines trampolines with party music and choreography that is loads of fun, keeping your heart pumping as you tone the legs and build core strength. You'll also challenge your balance as you switch on using one foot from the other to keep yourself stead on the trampoline. A plus for this kind of high cardio is that added bounce -- it actually leaves no harmful impact on the joints because you're working out on a trampoline surface rather than a solid one, so the trampoline absorbs some of the shock.

They say you can burn as much as 600 to 800 calories in one Saltar class!

There's also a study that spending time on a trampoline workout reaps more benefits than a quick run or jog -- so bouncing might just be the better cardio for you! Besides, anything that feels more fun will make any kind of workout something you'll commit to longer (fun factor is always a plus). Maybe Saltar is the next cardio that you'll be calling your favorite.

Different monthly rates at Celebrity Fitness are available to suit your appetite of fun, from monthly ongoing fee (P2,900/month), 6 months ongoing (P2,750), and 12 months ongoing (P2,595) -- all membership options include access to group fitness classes like Saltar, and access to gym facilities and equipment. Personal Training is also offered.

Celebrity Fitness is located at the second level of One Bonifacio High Street Mall, open from Monday to Friday  6am – 11pm; Saturdays and Sundays  8am – 10pm. For more information and for a free trial, visit, like on Facebook (/celebrityfitnessph) and follow on Instagram (@celebrityfitnessph).

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