Never Workout Alone: 10 Studios in Metro Manila for Group Fitness Classes

Wow, the year's about to come to a close and if fitness is something you've been wanting to try but dread how boring working out alone can be, here's a list of ten studios in the metro offering group fitness classes. We promise you will never get bored with these unique classes, and since it's a community of like-minded individuals, you can meet your future fit fam! 

1. Electric Studio
Exercise: Indoor Cycling
First Timer Rates: P1,500 for 5 rides 

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Electric Studio

Whether you choose their signature 45-minute Pure Electric class or if you want to try their new 60-minute Electric Strength class, you'll surely go out of the class wiped out but wanting more. At Electric Studio, each class promises you a high-intensity full-body workout matched with upbeat music and instructors to push you to finish strong. They use choreography to strengthen the core and use weights (2lb, 3lb, 5lb) to tone the upper body. 

2. Saddle Row
Exercise: Rowing
First Timer Rates: P1,500 for 5 classes

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Saddle Row

Care for some low-impact but high-intensity interval workout? Saddle Row offers an intense combination of cardio and strength training while listening to music that's well curated by the instructors. All classes have intervals on and off the rowing machine and circuits of legs, arms, and core moves on the mat. Get your pull on and expect sore muscles and high endorphins every after class! 

3. Flyweight
Exercise: Group Boxing
First Timer Rates: P1,500 for 5 sessions

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Flyweight

Skip the usual boxing studios where you're inside a ring and sparring with a coach with punch mitts, Flyweight makes you do the same boxing techniques on a 6-foot heavy bag. And if you think it's easy, wait until the circuits when you rest in between rounds. They have three kinds of classes – Contender, Challenger and Champion – which has 6 to 9 rounds of heavy bag work, body weight, core and footwork exercises. 

4. B+B Pilates Studio
Exercise: Pilates
First Timer Rates: P950/class (group); P2,050/class (private session)

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: B+B Pilates Studio

If you want to work on your strength and endurance, this low-impact workout is perfect for you. B+B has Stott Pilates-trained and -certified instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect form to improve your core strength and balances the muscles around the joints, making everyday activities easier and difficult ones less challenging. They also offer personalized service and programs depending on their client's goals.

5. PlanaFORMA
Exercise: Strength Training
First Timer Rates: P650 for 2 classes

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: PlanaFORMA

Discover how strong you are with this 55-minute total-body workout that combines movements from yoga, dance, pilates and barre. A session starts with warm-up exercises using two sets of weights and preps your whole body through push-ups. It is then followed by barre exercises which works the arms, thighs, abs and other areas, using your own body weight as resistance, feeling a different kind of burn. 

6. Elev8 Lagree Fitness Studio
Exercise: Lagree
First Timer Rates: P2,000 for 3 sessions

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Elev8

At first glance, it looks similar to a Pilates machine but Lagree uses a different machine called the Megaformer. You get a high-intensity full-body workout that is safe on the joints, spine and connective tissues from a 45-minute class. You can expect your muscles to shake because of the slow, concentrated and focused movements activating each and every muscle fibers so you achieve toned results. Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian and even Michelle Obama are fans of this workout! 

7. Primal Ape CrossFit
Exercise: CrossFit
First Timer Rates: Free (Intro to CrossFit schedule: Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30pm and Saturday at 12nn)

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Primal Ape

A sweat sanctuary like no other, Primal Ape CrossFit offers a different kind of athleticism. CrossFit is a functional fitness kind of workout that uses high-intensity, form-focused workouts so its participants can improve speed, power and agility so you'll be seeing a lot of weightlifting, powerlifting, body weight exercises and more. They also have different programs to prep you for CrossFit – Primal Instinct to take you through the fundamentals and Primal Fit if you're into fat loss, muscle toning, and full-body conditioning.

8. Beyond Yoga
Exercise: Yoga
First Timer Rates: P2,000 for 2 weeks unlimited classes

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Beyond Yoga

From Vinyasa to Hot Yoga, Beyond Yoga has different classes catering to people with different fitness levels. Stretch your muscles, increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility and daily energy level – these are just a few of the benefits yoga will give you. This one's definitely a good cross-training for any workouts you already have! 

9. Barre3
Exercise: Barre
First Timer Rates: P1,500 for 3 classes

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: Barre3

Upon entering the studio, you'll notice the essentials of your workout – ballet barres, yoga mats, straps, dumbbells and fit balls. You might think this one's an easy workout but wait until you feel the burn in this low-impact workout that's packed with tiny movements, pulses and lots of reps. You'll feel your muscles awaken the next day! 

10. F45 Training
Exercise: Functional Training
First Timer Rates: P1,000 for unlimited 1 week

studios in metro manila for group fitness classesImage: F45 Training

Get things done in 45 minutes! F45 is a functional group training which features high-intensity circuit training workout classes. With the combination of interval, cardiovascular and strength training, it has been proven to be the most effective workout method for burning fat and building muscle. 

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