Get Crazy/Beautiful at Folded & Hung Famous Salon

What else can you expect from a salon that calls itself Famous? At Folded & Hung Famous Salon, you get pictures of rock n’ roll icons on the walls, EDM blasting on all-day, and a look that will definitely get you noticed!

Get Famous: Folded & Hung Famous Salon in Glorietta 5

Save for the vanity mirrors, Folded & Hung Famous Salon could pass for a downtown café or bar. A neon “famous” sign greets you at the entrance, and once inside you’ve got croc-embossed seats, dance music blasting on the speakers, and wall-sized pictures of hot young celebrities smirking down at you. It’s even got a VIP area, where an additional 30% on your total bill lets you and your friends get pretty in private.


Thankfully, the prices in the salon are reasonable, which means you can get celeb-beautiful sans the celeb budget. Haircut starts at P250 while Manicure goes for P200, and Pedicure at P250. But being famous means going the extra mile in the beauty department, right? Well, that’s exactly what our Features Editor did when she traded her faded magenta-streaked hair for a blazing neon red color. To achieve the Bea’s crayon-colored hair, senior stylist Peps Pacheco started with Color Correction (starts at P2,000), which is essentially bleaching the hair, and then painted on a Permanent Color (starts at P1,200 or 1,500 for organic dye). This double process will involve some discomfort ranging from a slight tingle to your head being on fire. This will depend on a lot of things, so be sure to discuss it beforehand with your stylist. Thankfully for Bea, she was just a notch up the tingle.

Ready for red: starting off with Color Correction

Permanent Color

The F&H Famous Salon staff advises their clients who want a complete color change to come with unwashed hair, as the natural oils of the scalp will help protect it against the chemicals. You will also have to prepare to sit in the salon for around 4 to 5 hours, as this kind of process will take time to do it safely and properly. After a grueling bleach-and-dye process, it is recommended that you get a hair treatment right after to keep your hair from further damage. In Bea’s case, she needed the top-of-the-line Bonacure (starts at P1,000) to ensure that her strands stay healthy. Peps also advised her to wash her hair less, condition regularly, and use a hair mask weekly.


Since not everyone is up for such a dramatic color change, F&H Famous Salon can also do a Semi Permanent color (starts at P1,550) or a Root Retouch (starts at P1,500). In my case, they chose an ashy, almost grey color to brighten my blonde locks and tone down the dark roots into a softer, cooler shade of brown. The process took about 1 hour, including a Biolage (starts at P500) treatment that would not only care for my stressed out strands, but also help lock in the color.

Dark roots in need of lightening up

Applying hair color

Biolage treatment

Prior to the process, senior stylist Norby Lugtu asked me about my hair history and then did a strand test to make sure that my hair would be strong enough. We also talked at length about the growing out process and maintenance. He even went on to explain each step to make sure that I understood how it would affect, not only my hair color, but also its health. Norby explained that this was the process instilled in them by Creative Director and master stylist Jing Monis, who trained the staff of F&H Famous Salon.

The author with Senior Stylist Norby Lugtu

The Glorietta 5 branch is the third one to open, with others found in Greenhills, SM Pampanga, and Robinson’s Ermita. Like its namesake-clothing brand, the salon describes itself as provocative and cutting edge. The Famous brand also seeks out to bring out the specialness in each of its client, letting their identities shine through hair color, cut, and style. This doesn’t mean that Folded & Hung Famous Salon will only do radical colors and styles. Other clients seek delicate, natural highlights or glamorous, bombshell hairstyles and achieve it with their stylist and his or her team. Regardless if they’re coming in for a simple mani-pedi or a major makeover, F&H Famous Salon will encourage their clients to have fun, experiment with new styles, and above all, stay true to their selves.


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