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We humans are a busy bunch. Members of the working class spend eight to nine hours holed up in the office while the students spend an indeterminate amount of time in classrooms or sifting through piles of homework. At the end of the day, we can’t help but feel that we deserve a little reward for all our hard work. Some would indulge in retail therapy—a new pair of shoes, perhaps. Others would turn to beautification and wellness services such as massages, hair treatments and foot spas. But sometimes, indulging in wellness services forces you to turn to different establishments for that much needed rest and relaxation; you also become concerned about your budget because these services can take quite a bit of money out of it.

Upon receiving the invite from Flirt Waxing Lounge, I immediately checked it out online to see what kind of services it had to offer. I ended up pleasantly surprised because it had everything from nail art to eyelash extension, and massages to food—all for a decent, budget-friendly price, too.

Flirt was born when Kristine Domingo wanted to supply her home neighborhood (Kapitolyo) with a waxing salon that rendered quality services at a good price. Eventually, her clientele grew, and she saw the need to turn Flirt into a one-stop shop that would offer a variety of beauty and wellness services to people in and out of her neighborhood.

My Flirt experience was actually composed of two different visits—the first, for a massage, and the second, for nail art and food. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos during our massage session as my friend and I were both indisposed, but regardless, I will talk about our experience—which was excellent, might I add.

Kat and I were escorted to a partitioned area of the salon, where we were each given a pair of salon-issued shorts to wear during the massage. We availed of their King Edward’s Recommendation (P450 for 60 mins; P600 for 90 mins), a kind of full body massage in which a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish techniques are used while hot stones are rubbed on various parts of your body to relax tense muscles. This kind of massage is an excellent choice for stressed and busy people—by the end of the session, we had all our working women’s knots whisked away. The quality of the service is terrific, too; the masseuses were very attentive and considerate, especially when loosening the knots in our bodies because those areas can be very painful when too much pressure is placed on them. Aside from the King Edward, they also have another full body massage called the Queen Victoria’s Choice (King Edward minus the hot stones; P350 for 60 mins and P500 for 90 mins), The Duchess’ Pick (foot and leg massage; P150 for 60 mins and P250 for 90 mins) and The Empress’ Favorite (head and back massage; P150 for 60 mins and P250 for 90 mins).

For my second visit, I brought my friend Joy to have some nail art done as well as to try their food. I’ve always been pretty curious about their food since that is not a staple element in waxing salons; Kristine said that the idea of serving food came from her brother—the recipes are all Flirt originals as well.

We tried two of their gourmet sandwiches—their bestseller, the Gourmet Sardine Melt (P99) and the Roast Chicken Sandwich (P99). For a P99 meal, it’s pretty much worth it because the sandwich itself is quite big and it comes served with potato chips. Both taste good, but my favorite has to be the Gourmet Sardine Melt because it has a unique, spicy flavor to it. We paired these up with two of their creamshakes. I had the Strawberry Fields (P99), which is one of their bestsellers, while Joy had the Javanilla Mocha (P99). The shakes were delicious; they are thick, creamy and actually filling, so watch what you order when you decide to pair it up with one of their creamshakes.

The nail art (P330 inclusive of manicure) was probably the most intriguing bit of the night. You can choose from their selection of designs or bring your own—Mara, their senior nail artist, is capable of executing almost any design. The design I chose was a Japanese-esque smattering of tiny colored flowers on a black background, while Joy chose a pink-and-white striped design topped off with a white bow made of polymer clay and a little stud. It was very intriguing to watch Mara work her magic; I had no idea there are so many things some people can do with a tiny brush and nail art acrylic! The nail art can last up to one week, so it is definitely worth the price.

The next time you feel the need for some pampering or a bit of a pick-me-up, check out Flirt Waxing Salon—quality services at an affordable rate.

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