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I am sure the recently concluded holiday season involved a lot of eating. This has left many of us, myself included, in search of ways to get rid of the “holiday weight”. Since it is also the start of a new year, I know for a fact that many people’s resolutions are to get fit in time for summer. FTX: Fitness Exchange just might have the solution.

Not only do they have an in-house DJ and a club-like ambiance, they have a lot of workouts to choose from. Their selections are divided into three main categories: FTX Cirqfit Gym, FTX Yoga & Dance, and FTX Combat & Core.

In-house DJ

Refreshments are also available at their mini bar

The FTX Cirqfit Gym is a breakthrough circuit composed of some exercise equipment that they consider to be “anti-gym” since most cannot be found in traditional gyms. They have plyometric boxes, monkey bars, vintage barbells and logs, ropes, and suspension training. I have been to a number of gyms but it was my first time to encounter sandbags, a gladiator wall, Krank machines, and vintage logs.


Krank machine


The Cirqfit workouts are tailored to various goals and capabilities. They have taken bits and pieces from a number of cutting edge concepts. According to Managing Partner Reijo Del Prado, their ideology is similar to that of a restaurant. You come in, you order, you’re served, and you eat and if it is good, you leave happy. As you enter the facility, you pick a workout, you are taught how to do the exercises, you complete the circuit and if it is good, you leave happy.

Gladiator squat

They have a total of fifteen Cirqfit workouts to choose from: Lose Big Now, Kettle Burning, Tarzan’s Jungle Jiggle, Gladiator’s Zone, Model’s Runway, Buns and Glory, Core Builder, Strongman, Tita Cora’s Circuit, FTX Chairman Express, Baller’s Circuit, Marvin’s Xtreme Xpress, Runner’s Circuit, FTX Express, and FTX Extreme. One Cirqfit session is P650 and the monthly unlimited package is P4,950.

Jungle Gym

Reijo walked us through one of their signature Cirqfit workouts, “Lose Big Now”. It is a full body workout that is supposed to burn fat. Simply put -- it will help you lose big, now!

After the workout, you really feel the burn and I consider this to be a good thing. I also like how it strays away from the conventional idea of exercising, which is tedious and boring. They have found a way to make it fun and maintain the intensity. Not only is it perfect for getting fit, it saves time as well. We finished the workout in less than an hour.

Kettle bells

If thats not enough, FTX Dance & Yoga and FTX Core & Combat classes are also available. Some interesting FTX Dance & Yoga classes offered are Pole dancing, Zumba, FTX Techno Rave, and FTX Fly Yoga. A single pass for FTX Pole, Ashtanga Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and FTX Techno Rave is P750, while a single pass for FTX Fly Yoga is P950 and a single pass for FTX Dance is P650. Classes that fall under FTX Core & Combat (single pass: P650) are Boxing Skills, SPA Boxing, Boot Box, Muay Thai, Kettlebell Basics, Kettlebell Elite, and Rip60.

Core and combat equipment

Fly Yoga

At FTX, they aim to change the way people perceive working out by making it enjoyable. Start the year right by heading over to FTX for some fun intense fusion training!

For class schedules and more information, visit their official website at www.gymftx.com.

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FTX Fitness Exchange

Fitness Center
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