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Options Studio, located in Makati's RCBC Plaza, really stands by its name. It's not just a Pilates studio -- they offer a selection of exercise classes or private personal training sessions. Although they cover all types of STOTT Pilates workouts, they have Neurac's Redcord suspension training as well. Whatever activity you choose, all you need is fifty five minutes in the studio. Just remember to wear comfortable clothes and socks.

Redcord Suspend Workout

Options Studio is an international brand pioneered by Filipino fitness expert and STOTT Pilates instructor, Ole Eugenio. They have established branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and more recently in Manila.

Options Studio
This new fitness studio in Makati aims to provide more options for intelligent exercise. Certified instructor Chris share to us what's in store for everyone at Options Studio.

STOTT Pilates may be dynamic but it is very safe, they believe in mindful movement. After all, their motto is “providing options in intelligent exercise”. Almost anyone can try it, from those who are physically active to those that have never set foot in a gym. It may also cater to people of all ages. The instructors are thoroughly trained and certified. They offer group classes as well as one-on-one sessions that are tailored according to each clients needs, capabilities, and goals. All you have to do is choose.

These are just some of their many Pilates and Neurac equipment

We tried the Redcord Suspend workout and the Pilates class; both require the proper guidance. We were guided by certified instructors Chris and Camille. Chris administered the Redcord workout, while Camille conducted the Pilates class. Before we even started exercising, they made sure to brief us about what we must keep in mind when doing the Redcord and Pilates exercises. During our workout session they meticulously paid attention to our form, correcting it when necessary and making sure to tell us what muscle groups were being stretched or exercised. They assured us that we were pushing our bodies to a safe limit.

Chris and Camille

Redcord technology is relatively new in the Philippines. In fact, Options is the first to have it. It literally looks like two red cords with straps suspended from the ceiling. It may look like a bunch of string but you will be amazed by how much can be accomplished with it.

Pilates can be done simply on the mat or with the assistance of equipment. The machine we used in class was The Reformer. There are varying workouts that involve this piece of equipment but if you didn't know what it was and without the proper guidance, it just looks like a construction tool.

I have never tried Pilates or Redcord, but I was not intimidated by it because of the studio’s calm and serene ambiance, unlike most gyms that are cluttered and over populated. Even though I workout regularly, I found both Pilates and Redcord challenging but undoubtedly feasible. The instructors did not make us over exert our bodies yet the exercises were not a walk in the park.

What was interesting about Redcord is that the exercises were adjusted to our body’s condition. It is so dynamic that not every workout is the same. Most of the muscle burn I felt was in the abdominal area, while some of the other exercises required other muscle groups to work, they were always engaged. My core strength was definitely put to the test.

In the Pilates class, you must listen to what the instructor is telling you to do. Part of the challenge was staying focused on what you were doing, most especially on your form. Camille paid close attention to our movements and made sure to correct us when we were not in proper form. The class was so much more intense than I expected.

On the STOTT Pilates Reformer

The next day I felt the burn. The workouts may have been difficult but my muscles were not tight or strained. It was a refreshing feeling. I may have only taken one session but I instantly became more aware of my posture.

Weather you want to look or feel better, visit Options Studio. You're safety as well as your goals are at the top of their list. They are sure to have the type of workout you need in improving your lifestyle.

You can find them in 15F Tower 2 RCBC Plaza in Ayala Avenue as well as Level R2 Powerplant Mall Rockwell Center, both in Makati City. Call them up at (02) 585 1404 or (02) 729 7061 to schedule a session. The price range for private sessions and classes is from P450 to P1700. For more information check out http://www.options-studio.com/indexph.php
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