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25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Cravings

For starters, your favorite bakeshop cum restaurant is now 25 years old, di...

CCA Kitchen: Your One-Stop Culinary Center

Cravings Group's latest addition to the family showcases a bakeshop, culina...

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe

Enjoy delicious home-grown recipes and fill your tummy with good comfort fo...

Sweeten Things Up At Cara Mia

Forget the stormy weather and chill out at Amici's lovely gelateria.


P200 - P499

There's more in store for chocolate lovers in the new Serendra branch.


P200 - P499
Chewy Junior + SoHo Express

Let me introduce you to one of the best budget pizzerias in the metro that ...

Wanna Know A Secret?

Secret Recipe is one good secret you've got to know.

Paris Delice

An authentic French meal with a view of the "Eiffel Tower" is permissible i...

A Tale of a Happy Ever After Shared At MedChef

It is impossible to feature MedChef without talking about its pastry chef, ...

Sweet and Savory Meet at Honeybee Patisserie

One of those quaint bakeshops that you should visit especially when you're ...


P200 - P499
Café Mary Grace

Finally! A dine-in restaurant that serves its signature ensaymadas and oth...

Heavenly Chocolates

While a far cry from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, this place is still h...

La Dolce Vita with Bar Dolci

Treat your sweet tooth with rows upon rows of various gelato flavors, Frenc...


P200 - P499
Play With Your Food At Marta's Cakes

A saccharine feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Del's Kitchen

A house-turned-restaurant offers its diners a selection of comfort food wit...

Davao's Best Through the Years

Make sure that if you find yourself in one of the biggest cities in the wor...

Dezaato Pan

This delightfully charming café, gelato bar, and bakery – all rolled int...


P200 - P499
Patisserie's Sweet Offerings

Manila Pavilion's pastry shop has a lot of baked goods in store for you.

Lasagna Mania: Where to Get This Pasta in Manila

In preparation for the World Lasagna Day set on Sunday, we've rounded up th...

Espressamente Illy: An Italian Café Experience

I get to enjoy two of my favorite hobbies -- eating and reading -- in this ...