Featured Ice Cream & Yogurt Restaurants in with (P200 - P499 service)
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La Dolce Vita with Bar Dolci

Treat your sweet tooth with rows upon rows of various gelato flavors, Frenc...


BLK 513

P200 - P499
Señor Pedro's Little Kingdom: An Afternoon at Cafe Publico

From pasta to sandwiches, gelatos to dips, coffees to wines -- this Greenhi...

Sweeten Things Up At Cara Mia

Forget the stormy weather and chill out at Amici's lovely gelateria.


Freezer Burn

P200 - P499
One Man’s Dream: Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts

For artisan ice cream and quality meals at amazing prices, make your way to...

The Ice Cream Bar

Re-experience the comforts of eating desserts just like when you were five.