Popular Steaks & Ribs Restaurants in Metro Manila
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P200 - P499

P200 - P499
Everything At Steak, Revisited

Everything at Steak opened a new branch along Annapolis in Greenhills, so I...

New Orleans: The Comeback

New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters is back to life, now at Bonif...

Modern Barfare at Dillingers 1903 Steak & Brew

Old and new gastronomic delights await ravenous eyes at this Greenbelt rest...

Rap Steaks and Cakes

Rap's serves great meaty meals at student-friendly prices.

Sala Bistro

Sala Bistro has a warm and cozy air.

Best Restaurants for Valentine's

Here's a list of some favorite romantic restaurants.

Loving the Ribs at Rub Ribs

Rub Ribs is a very budget friendly restaurant with good food to back it up....

Al Dente and Eccellente: Our Favorite Pastas in Manila

In celebration of World Pasta Day, we've rounded up our favorite go-to plac...

Meat Me at Malcolm's

Malcolm's, now without the 'Place,' is still one of the best places to meat...


P200 - P499