Manila Inasal Opens Second Cloud Kitchen in Makati

Manila Inasal now has a second kitchen much closer to the foodies of the south.

Manila Inasal, known for reintroducing the Filipino inasal by showcasing it by the box and using different meats, is expanding!

Manila Inasal - Chicken Inasal Box
Chicken Inasal Salu Salo (P650)

The concept began last August 2020 right at the home kitchen of Chef Natalia Moran in San Juan. They first offered their Salu Salo Meals, good-for-sharing portions of inasal by the box that come with inasal sauce, green chili sauce, and ensaladang talong.

Manila Inasal

Inasal in a Box: ‘Manila Inasal’ Delivers Grilled Meats Perfect for Sharing

Inasal was no longer limited to chicken — they gave meats and seafood the inasal twist, offering Bangus Inasal, Tuna Belly Insal, a meatless Tofu Inasal, and my favorite, the Pork Belly Inasal.

Pork Belly Inasal Solo (P360) - Manila inasal
Pork Belly Inasal Solo (P360)

They’ve also expanded their menu to include solo meals that come with garlic rice, desserts and a frozen foods line so you can easily cook your favorite inasal meals whenever your cravings strike.


Aside from their inasal creations, the kitchen has also added other dishes you can pair with your mains like the Classic Tortang Talong (P180), Tortang Chorizo Pudpud (P295), which is loaded with Bacolod’s garlicky Ereneta-Manoloto chorizo, and Kansi (P395).

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Tortang Chorizo Pudpud (P295) - manila inasal
Tortang Chorizo Pudpud (P295)

Manila Inasal recently collaborated with Himpossible Recipes in coming up with a limited-edition special salu salo platter: Twice-Cooked Beef Inasal Tadyang (P1,850) available until July 31, 2021!

MANILA INASAL X HIMPOSSIBLE RECIPES Twice-Cooked Beef Inasal Tadyang (P1,850)
Twice-Cooked Beef Inasal Tadyang (P1,850)

The new Manila Inasal cloud kitchen is now open and located at the Ground Floor of The Atrium in Makati Avenue, so delivery and pick-up options for people in the south will be much closer. Orders can be placed directly via the Manila Inasal Instagram and Facebook pages from Tuesday to Sunday (10am-7:30pm), or via and You can also order through foodpanda and Grabfood.

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Inasal in a Box: 'Manila Inasal' Delivers Grilled Meats Perfect for Sharing
Enjoy a Filipino fiesta at home with Manila Inasal's Inasal Salu-Salo Box available in Chicken, Pork, Bangus, and Tuna!
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