The Pad by Samyan at The Grid

The Pad: The Grid’s Newest Stall is for All Your Pad Thai Cravings

Craving good noods? The Pad by Samyan now offers authentic Pad Thai by Celebrity Chef Tonn of the Michelin-starred Le Du in Bangkok.

If you can’t get enough of noods, The Grid and Off-Grid at Rockwell has copious amounts of it being served in their stalls. There’s Tsuke-men for hearty bowls of ramen plus DIY kits so you can slurp on your noods whenever you want at home; Gochugang for Korean japchae and cold noodles; Babu for your laksa fix; White Flower Tea House for Chinese noodle soups and dry noodles; and Pilya’s Kitchen for Chinese biangbiang noodles.

Adding to the already great selection of Asian noodles of the food market is The Pad: a new concept from the folks of the Samyan stall serving Thai Street Food by way of award-winning chef Thitid Tassanakajohn. Chef Ton is the culinary brains behind the Michelin-starred Le Du in Bangkok, which also ranks as No. 4 in Asia’s 50 Best. ICYMI, Chef Ton’s Samyan garnered Thailand’s Thai Select Casual Award in 2020 given to overseas food outlets that offer exceptional Thai foods with Thai taste. Now, the team behind Samyan has rolled out their new concept that is centered on the ubiquitous noodle dish of Thailand: the pad thai.

Pad Thai Gai / Chicken Pad Thai (P320/solo) by The Pad
Pad Thai Gai / Chicken Pad Thai (P320/solo)
pad thai with chicken and crispy chicken skin

Pad thai at The Pad comes in both solo and potluck servings, and there are currently five kinds of noodles available in the stall. There’s Pad Thai Moo/Pork Pad Thai (P320/solo, P1,100/potluck), Pad Thai Gai/Chicken Pad Thai (P320/solo, P1,100/potluck), Pad Thai Gung/Shrimp Pad Thai (P380/solo, P1,200/potluck), Pad Thai Talai/Seafood Pad Thai (P420/solo, P1,300/potluck), and Pad Thai Pu/Crab Pad Thai (P590/solo, P2,200/potluck). So there’s a pad thai for whatever protein you desire and prefer!

PAD THAI MOO or Pork Pad Thai by The Pad
Pad Thai Moo / Pork Pad Thai (P320/solo)
pad thai with pork slices and pork crackling
Pad Thai Gung/Shrimp Pad Thai (P380/solo, P1,200/potluck) by The Pad
Pad Thai Gung / Shrimp Pad Thai (P1,200/potluck)
pad thai with fresh head-on shrimp
The Pad
Pad Thai Pu / Crab Pad Thai (P590/solo)
pad thai with fried soft shell crab, and tender lump crab

To complete the Thai dining experience, you can also cross-order your beverages at their sister stall Samyan, which offers drinks like Thai Milk Tea, Thai Iced Tea, and more.


The Pad is now open for dine-in at The Grid via Samyan’s stall, open daily from 11am to 8:30pm. Also available for takeout, pick-up, and delivery. To order for delivery, visit They are also available through foodpanda, GrabFood, and Pick-a-Roo delivery apps.


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