El Poco Cantina

El Poco Cantina Serves Authentic Mexican Flavors From Home

Whether you're craving the classic nachos or Birria tacos that are a bit more complex, El Poco Cantina will surely satisfy your tastebuds.

Many home-based food businesses flourished during the pandemic and El Poco Cantina is one of them. They’re not new to it as they actually had a pop-up stall in Taft but had to close because of the lockdowns. That didn’t put their service to a halt though and instead saw it as an opportunity to serve their Mexican food to a larger community through delivery.

What’s great is they don’t just focus on one dish from their menu but they pride themselves with every dish on it, and they actually do it right. Whether you’re craving the classic nachos or Birria tacos that are a bit more complex, El Poco Cantina will surely satisfy your tastebuds. Curious about what to order off their menu? Here are a few of our recommendations.

Start off with their Elote (P120), a bowl of shredded charred corn mixed with parmigiano, housemade spices, butter, mayo, and topped with sour cream and cilantro. This is a bit rich for my liking so make sure to squeeze some lemon to cut it a bit. You can also opt for their Tortilla Chips (P100) which is a favorite of mine. It has all the goodness of the classic nachos but they use crispy tortilla chips. It’s a simple starter but the beef picadillo packs a punch.

This isn’t actually the first time I’ve tried their Birria Tacos. I’ve first encountered them through TikTok and ordered a box of six all to myself. What caught my attention is how affordable the tacos are but are packed with so much flavor. Their Beef Birria (P230/2pcs; P350/3pcs; P620/6pcs) has shredded beef brisket, loaded with melted cheese, white and red onions, cilantro, and served with a side of consommé which you have to dip your tacos in. It is also served with a side of their homemade salsa, salsa verde, sour cream which is a favorite of mine, and pickled jalapeno.

Pro tip: If you can’t stand red onions like me, you can request pure white onions and they will happily replace them in your order.


As mentioned earlier, El Poco Cantina prides themselves of everything on their menu. Their Street Style Tacos (P270) that’s served in threes is another must-try. Served in a soft tortilla, it is packed with your choice of protein— Asian Pulled Pork, Barbacoa Beef, Beef Picadillo, Chipotle Chicken, or Pork Carnitas. It also comes with pickled veggies, cilantro, and onions. There’s also the classic Quesadilla (P130) which is a 10″ Tortilla and has the same protein options of their street-style tacos, and more: Bacon Bits Quesa, Birria, and Classic Cheese.

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Are you ready to dig in? For orders, visit their website, or message them on Facebook or Instagram.

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