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Crumbs and Grubs Celebrates Mom With Bounty Baskets from Mother Nature

May 1908. It was the very first time Mother’s Day was officially celebrated. Years may have passed, ways may have changed but our appreciation and celebration of mothers remain the same.

In today’s world where we face unique sets of challenges and where we’re all staying home and spending more time with loved ones, we learn to appreciate mothers even more not just for all their hard work but for their strength and resilience. Through the toughest of times, mothers remain the strongest force that binds the family stronger together.

This year may be different. No gatherings, no family feasts, no hugs, no kisses but our appreciation and love for mothers remains the same and grows even more. This Mother’s Day, Crumbs and Grubs celebrate moms with a special bounty basket from Mother Nature.

Let mom know you are thinking of her with a thoughtfully curated gift basket which includes a choice of Lolea Red or White Sangria Frizzante, locally made grass-fed fresh and creamy burrata cheese, Capri Pesto alla Genovese, Capri Tomato Pesto or fresh cherry tomatoes, a plantable vegetable seed tag, and a gift card all packed in sustainably sourced hand-woven straw basket by local artisans.

It is also available in a more compact set which comes with the essentials — a choice of Lolea Red or White Sangria Frizzante, locally made grass-fed fresh and creamy burrata cheese, and a gift card all lovingly packed in a hand-woven straw basket. Crumbs and Grubs’ Mother Nature’s Mother’s Day Bounty Baskets are priced at P 1,350 and P 1,000.


Strawberry Croissant 

With each purchase, you support our local artisans, farmers, and local basket weavers. Compliment your gift baskets with a box of Crumbs and Grubs best sellers like the Strawberry Croissant  generously filled with fresh and juicy Baguio strawberries, homemade Strawberry preserves, and Palawan honey priced at 550 per box of three), a box of buttery and crispy French Butter Croissants (P 470 per box of four), Vegan Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (P 750 per dozen), or specialty soft cheeses with prices starting at P 170.

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Part of the proceeds of every sale also goes to local charitable organizations and causes Crumbs and Grubs support year-round. Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving — Good For You. Good To You. Good to the Community. 

For more details, visit Crumbs and Grubs’ social media pages at  and Order online at or at +63 976 020 7249.

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