Jang Geum Kitchen Welcomes the Season with Their Hello Summer Combo Deals

Beat the heat with these deals from Jang Geum Kitchen!

Local Korean Restaurant, Jang Geum Kitchen, which is known for its authentic Korean cuisine, launches its second Hello Summer Combo Deals to welcome the summer season.

Starting April 10 until May 10, Jang Geum Kitchen’s Hello Summer Combo Deals Part 2 will be available for all customers who opted to order online via our official social media pages (@janggeumkitchen) and to pick up/take out their orders from their restaurant located at Met Live. This promo is to help their customers enjoy their food in the comfort and safety of their home.

Order from their Hello Sumer Combo Deals and save up to Php100 off! Check out their combo deals below:

Combo Deal 1:
Chadol Jjampongbap & Cream Saewoo (M) 
(Spicy Bone Soup with Brisket & Cream Shrimp Medium)

Combo Deal 2:
Bibimbap & Chadol Doenjang Jjigae
(Bibimbap & Bean Paste Stew with Brisket)


Combo Deal 3:
Ttukbaegi Bulgogi & Gyeran Jjim
(Hotpot Bulgogi & Steamed Egg)

Combo Deal 4:
Bibim Kuksoo & Saeng Samgyupsal
(Spicy Mixed Noodles & Fresh/Cooked Samgyupsal)

Combo Deal 5:
Jjajangmyeon & Gunmandu
(Black Bean Sauce Noodles & Fried Dumpling)

Combo Deal 6:
Donkatsu & Kimbap
(Deep Fried Pork Cutlet & Korean Rice Roll)

Don’t miss out on these super sulit combo deals! The promo will run for 1 month only so be sure to order now. 

Check out their Facebook page at Jang Geum Kitchen PH and their Instagram page at @janggeumkitchen. You can also contact them via (63 995) 008-8282.

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