IN PHOTOS: 10 must-try street food when in Tokyo, Japan

Being a glorious food haven, this list can guide you for a great start!

Heading to Tokyo, Japan for the first time? Being a glorious food haven, this list can guide you for a great start. Eating in Tokyo is an addictive experience, especially for foodies so don't be limited by this quick run down because your eat list should never end! Don't know where to begin? Here's a list of essential Japanese dishes to eat when in Tokyo, Japan:

1. Sushi

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Fresh and nutritious. Fish cut precisely and rice cooked to perfection only means harmony on your palate. You will feel ashamed of eating “sushi” that is not as good and right as theirs for obvious reasons. You can go as low as ¥200 or high up to the thousands and get everything in the bag. Sushi in Japan = 1; Sushi elsewhere = 0.

2. Takoyaki

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

These octopus balls of heaven is definitely a game-changer. Seeing these little balls prepared right in front of you – from the batter to sprinkling the bonito flakes – will whet your appetite. Efficiency and creativity fuse together! And to be honest, you’ll never want to eat any other takoyaki aside from Japan’s – ever again. A ¥500 win!


3. Curry

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10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Let’s be real, there are a variety of curry dishes all over the world but Tokyo’s version takes you on a whole new level. The rich, spicy sauce paired with the thin and crispy katsu is a celebration in itself. No ingredient is left to mediocrity that’s why every bite rockets anyone who eats it.

4. Grilled Seafood

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Just like the ¥200 sushi, it’s best to come to Tsukiji Outer Market for these bad boys. Skewers after skewers of umami line up on the streets ready to be devoured in seconds. There are no others word to describe the sliced, soy or miso brushed meat that are grilled with utmost care. They literally tell you to come, buy, eat, and
buy more!

5. Ramen

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

You might get a little competitive after realizing Japan’s ramen-game is unreachable – because it is. Your Japan trip won't be complete if you don't drop by at Ichiran and this ramen join isn't famous for nothing. Their flavorful tonkatsu broth is one good reason why ramen lovers keep coming back. Clueless on what to order? Their special set, priced at ¥1490, is highly recommendable and while you're there, it's just right to get extra order of anything. No one's going to judge you anyway! 

6. Soft Serve

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Screaming for ice cream can never be more true in Tokyo. Whether or not it’s sunny, it is going to be one of the best decisions in your life. Japan’s game is truly unstoppable due to the fact that theirs is creamier, lighter, tastier, and well-balanced. Go with whatever flavor that floats your boat and your day is complete.

7. Taiyaki

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan 10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Don’t underestimate this fish-shaped cake because its middle name is mouthwatering. The thin, crisp batter perfectly balances the sweet and creamy red bean paste. It is best eaten hot and can have different flavored fillings like custard, cheese, or chocolate. It is, indeed, an affordable yet worthy treat!

8. Mochi

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

Speaking of treats, a trip would not be complete without chewing on some mochi while walking around. This rice dessert is pound to precision which makes it firm and soft at the same time. Toppings can be of fruit variety and most of the time it is only served plain.

9. Cheese Tart

10 Must-Eats in Tokyo, Japan

You can thank the Japanese for creating this luscious pastry. When it comes to tarts, we sometimes speak for a certain brand. But Pablo’s in Japan speaks for itself. Although a popular label, its crust does not confuse the palate with the creamy, well-balanced filling. Everything is delicious and soft and impeccable. A definite must-try!

10. Konbini (Convenience Stores)

A total 360-degree turn from what we have in the Philippines; Tokyo's convenience stores has everything you need. Tasty meals and desserts? They got you covered. Snacks and puddings? Come through. Bread and beverages? You’re welcome. How about home and office supplies? Get it there. You’ll even be stoked to know a Muji corner is inside. Surprised yet? People book flights on some of them, too. Japanese konbinis win the game.

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