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Alaska Launches 2 New Evap Products For Your Favorite Saucy Dishes

Alaska Milk recently launched two new products that combine the goodness of Alaska Classic Evaporated Filled Milk with the rich and authentic flavors of chicken and beef—Alaska Creamy Chicken Evap and Alaska Creamy Beef Evap. Marketed especially for saucy dishes, these new meal solutions promise to make it easier for anyone to prepare their favorite stews, including chicken curry, beef caldereta, beef and mushroom, and pininyahang manok.

Filipinos especially love meaty, savory dishes and we’ve always asked ourselves ‘How can we make it easier for them to prepare these dishes?’ This is our solution. Alaska Creamy Chicken Evap and Alaska Creamy Beef Evap represent Alaska’s continued commitment to provide Filipinos easier access to nutritious and delicious food – ‘Alagang Alaska’ as we like to call it. It is our hope that everyone gets to try them so they can see for themselves just how easy it is to prepare your favorite chicken curry or beef caldereta with these,” shares Haseeb ur Rahman, Marketing Director of Alaska. 

A quick look at the recipes in will make you realize just how versatile these new products are. The Alaska Creamy Chicken Evap lets you cook creamy chicken curry even without coconut milk or cream. The same goes for Pininyahang Manok, Chicken Pastel, and Creamy Chicken Adobo. Meanwhile, the Alaska Creamy Beef Evap, makes it easier to cook well-seasoned and balanced caldereta and beef pares.

Simply put, the two promise to help you cook a wide array of delicious meaty, saucy dishes sans the need for additional seasoning or bouillon cubes.

Alaska Creamy Chicken Evap and Alaska Creamy Beef Evap are available in Alaska’s official Shopee and Lazada stores. They can also be found on the meal mixes aisle of leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.


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