Poison Doughnuts limited Edition - Chinese Inspired

Poison Doughnuts Celebrates Lunar New Year with 3 Chinese-Inspired Flavors

The Black Sesame, Orange Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate Pork Floss doughnuts are now available for P105 each!

Local artisan doughnut shop Poison Doughnuts is once again putting its own quirky spin on desserts with their latest limited edition treats.

Poison Doughnuts Celebrates Lunar New Year with 3 Chinese-Inspired Flavors

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From last year’s kakanin-inspired desserts and Christmas-themed doughnuts, they now take inspiration from the Lunar New Year festivities by infusing Chinese flavors into their doughnuts. Whether you’re looking for more ways to celebrate the Year of the Ox or just a curious doughnut lover wanting something new, here are the three special flavors you can sink your teeth into!

Black Sesame

Black Sesame Doughnut (P105) - poison doughnuts
Black Sesame Doughnut (P105)

While it’s dramatically black, this limited edition doughnut actually bears the most subtle flavors among the three. The fluffy doughnut is glazed with white chocolate and generously topped with crushed roasted black sesame.

Orange Dark Chocolate 

Orange Dark Chocolate (P105)

This stuffed doughnut features an orange dark chocolate glaze and a topping of candied orange. Inside is a subtly sweet orange cream cheese filling. A personal favorite among the three Chinese-inspired flavors. this is a must-try if you’re a fan of the chocolate-orange tandem.


White Chocolate Pork Floss

White Chocolate Pork Floss (P105)

Want a savory spin on your doughnut? This one will remind you of the beloved pork floss buns! Savory meets sweet as pork floss adds texture with every soft bite, while the white chocolate glaze lends some subtle saccharine.

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If you want more reasons to devour more doughnuts next month, Poison is extending their Chinese New Year Deals! Get any 3 classic doughnuts (choose from Blueberry Glaze, Vanilla Glaze, Garam Masala, Champorado, Salted Dark Chocolate) and 3 Chinese-inspired doughnuts for only P450. This CNY promo is ongoing until March 31, 2021.

Poison’s Chinese New Year doughnuts are available for a limited period. Pick your poison and have it delivered to your doorstep via GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Pickaroo. You can also order online through bit.ly/PoisonOrderForm and by calling 0917-5894547. Follow Poison on Instagram and Facebook.

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