Lumpia in Metro Manila

Chinese New Year 2021: Where to Order Lumpia in Metro Manila

When lumpia is fried, they look like gold bars which means wealth and good fortune.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We’re weeks away from Chinese New Year and what better way to count the days than list down all the delicious dishes we can indulge? In this special series, we round up traditional Lunar New Year dishes and where to get them.

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get lumpia in Metro Manila. Fried spring rolls are filled with vegetables or meat, and then fried until they get a golden-yellow color. When fried, they look like gold bars which means wealth and good fortune.

We will not just be focusing on fried spring rolls but also the Chinese-Style Fresh Lumpia which has a variety of vegetables and a sweet sauce. Whichever you choose, your tastebuds will be treated with explosive umami flavors. Below, we list down places where you can order this dish that will hopefully make the Year of the Ox luckier for you.

Carlito’s Catering

Image: Carlito’s Catering

Known for serving elevated comfort food, Carlito’s Catering has a special Chinese Favorites menu you’d definitely want to serve for Chinese New Year. Their Chinese Lumpia Set (P1,300) has been a recipe passed down through different generations. It has their special lumpia filling, fresh lettuce, roasted and crushed peanuts, seaweed, their signature brown sauce, and 10 lumpia wrappers. Caution: Their lumpia is highly addictive!

Order here.

Papa Pancitan

Image: Papa Pancitan

Their main offering may be different kinds of pancit but they offer some pica-pica as well. One of which is the House Lumpiang Shanghai (P238/12pcs) which is basically the kind of lumpia you’ve known growing up. They also have Lumpiang Gulay (P218/12pcs) which you can pair with any of their pancits or ulams.

Order here.

Lumpiarito Station

Image: Lumpiarito Station

Now, this is lumpia heaven. They have five flavors you can choose from — 6 Veggies with Toge, Ubod Veggie Roll, Signature Pork Shanghai, Chicken Adobo Crunch, and Cheesy Beef Dynamite. Price range from P290 to P1,740 and available in a box of 30s and 60s. They also give freebies like pickled veggies, cucumber slices, and sweet kamote squares.

Order here.

China Mommy

Image: China Mommy

A favorite among Fresh Lumpia enthusiasts, China Mommy has been known for its authentic Filipino-Chinese food. Their ultimate best-seller is their DIY Chinese Lumpia (P1,600/8-10 rolls; P2,800/18-20 rolls) which has their mom’s special lumpia filling, lumpia wrappers, iceberg lettuce, wansoy, seaweed crunch, crushed nuts, garlic, and light sweet sauce. A vegetarian version is also available.

Order here.

Pop’s Original Lumpianiza

Image: Pop’s Original Lumpianiza

This is a different kind of lumpia, combining two Filipino favorites — Lumpia and Longganiza. Their lumpia is filled with different kinds of longganisa like Tuguegarao, Hamonada, and Vigan. They also have interesting flavors like Breakfast Sausage, Sisig, Cheesy Shawarma, Beef Taco, and Cheeseburger.

Order here.

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