Kalye Sorbetes

Kalye Sorbetes is Now Open for Next-Day Delivery of Pinoy Ice Creams

Their debut flavors are all named after main Metro Manila streets and areas, and showcase local chocolate, mango, ube, cheese, and coffee.

Dirty ice cream is one of the beloved treats we surely enjoy when roaming neighborhood streets in the Philippines. Who else misses seeing a mamang sorbetero pushing their cart and hawking your favorite local ice creams? If you’re longing for your Filipino ice creams, Kalye Sorbetes takes inspiration from the unique street food and now delivers small-batch ice creams straight to your doorstep.

You can now bring home your street favorite by ordering online and Kalye Sorbetes will deliver it to your address the following day. C. Valley Creamery’s chief Sorbetero, Paul P. Perez, worked on recreating this traditional dessert by creating a premium ice cream that brings the familiar goodness of sorbetes, and making it more convenient for you to enjoy it. No need to wait for the sorbetero’s cart to pass by your street!

Debut Flavors

Every Kalye Sorbetes ice cream is produced in small batches to make sure every batch is fresh when delivered. They are currently offering 5 flavors named after main Metro Manila streets and areas:

Kalye Sorbetes - Chocolocan Ice Cream
a milk-chocolate flavored cream that uses local tablea topped with choco bits
Kalye Sorbetes - Manggahan Ice Cream
mango flavored ice cream with dried mango bits
Kalye Sorbetes - Ubelt Ice Cream
ube halaya ice cream combined with bits of cheddar cheese
Quezo Avenue
an ode to the quintessential cheese flavor, using cheddar cheese
Kape Del Pan
flavored with arabica beans and combined with bread bits as a nod to the a Pinoy habit of dipping bread in coffee

You can order the ice creams in half-gallon size (P495 each), but they will be rolling out their pints in the coming weeks. Order all five ice cream flavors of Kalye Sorbetes through their Facebook or Instagram page and it will be delivered the following day. You can also visit their website at https://www.kalyesorbetes.com and fill up their order form here: bit.ly/kalyeorder

Community resellers are also welcome, and they can inquire through scoop@cvalleycreamery.com


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