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Chinese New Year 2021: Where to Order Dumplings in Metro Manila

They say the more dumplings you eat during the celebrations, the more money you can make in the coming year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

We’re weeks away from Chinese New Year and what better way to count the days than list down all the delicious dishes we can indulge? In this special series, we round up traditional Lunar New Year dishes and where to get them.

On this list, we give you a rundown of places where you can get dumplings in Metro Manila. Dumplings are filled with minced meat and vegetables and it’s just so easy to finish a basket of this! It has a history of being a classic lucky food for the new year. They say the more dumplings you eat during the celebrations, the more money you can make in the coming year. Below, we list down places where you can order this dish that will hopefully make the Year of the Ox luckier for you.

Shiok Shack

Image: Shiok Shack

A brand that started during the quarantine and out of love for each other and for food, Shiok Shack focuses on its owners’ love for Chinese comfort food. They sell frozen items like Siomai (P459/20pcs), Jumbo Hakaw (P399/8pcs), Chinese Kikiam (P399/400g), and have recently launched Tai Pao (P289/2pcs) which is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. They ensure that every piece is made with quality and is consistently tasty.

Order here.


Yumpling Dumpling

Image: Yumpling Dumpling

These aren’t your usual dumplings. All their dumplings are vegan-friendly so you’ll be enjoying dumplings guilt-free. They currently have three items on the menu — Mandu (P189/dozen frozen; P200/dozen cooked) that is made with rice noodles, Kutchai (P198/dozen frozen; P210/dozen cooked) that is made with savory tofu, and Veggie Dumpling (P155/15pcs frozen) that is made with various vegetables. Every order comes with their homemade special sauce.

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Order here.

Metro Dumplings

Image: Metro Dumpling

This is the kind of dumpling you’ll be sure to eat more than you should. Metro Dumplings offers Sui Jiao (P85/frozen; P90/cooked) which are boiled dumplings. Eat them as is or top them on rice or your favorite noodles. An order has 10 pieces of dumplings, chili garlic and a dipping sauce. They also have bilao packs for bigger orders at 50 pieces (P480) and 100 pieces (P960).

Order here.


Image: BAO

Fan of soup dumplings? Try BAO which specializes in homemade Xiao Long Baos (starts at P55/order) in three flavors — Original Pork, Pork with Cheese, and Chocolate. They also offer Gyoza (P100/12pcs) and Hakaw (P200/10pcs). All of which are made the evening before to ensure the freshness and richness of each dumpling

Order here.

Yey Dumplings!

Image: Yey Dumplings!

A small food business based in Las Piñas, Yey Dumplings aims to share some dumpling goodness to your homes. They have four savory dumplings on their menu — Classic Pork (P170/10pcs), Chicken (P170/10pcs), Creamy Mushroom (P170/10pcs), and Cream Cheese Wontons (P170/12pcs). They also have a sweet treat on their menu, Mango and Cheese Rolls (P170/8pcs) that’s a good ender to your savory meal.

Order here.

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